Toilet paper pillow box (from the creators of Fair Ivy's monthly subscription boxes for women)

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Wrap (Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box DIY)

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Wrap (aka Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box DIY) from the creators of Fair Ivy's monthly boxes for women

….It’s time for an inexpensive holiday gift wrap post!

As you all know, cute gift packaging is one of my top favorite things.  Combine that with some creative gift wrapping, PLUS something that is eco-friendly AND inexpensive (free actually), and I’m yours.

This blog post is going to teach you one way to create some inexpensive holiday gift wrap using ONLY things you already have around the house, and resulting in an adorable pillow box for wrapping little unique jewelry gifts.  Zero cost, and about 1 minute of effort.

DIY Inexpensive Holiday Gift Wrap


  • Toilet paper roll
  • Twig of a Christmas tree
  • Raffia, twine, ribbon or yarn
  • Newspaper or magazine page

IMG_8167    IMG_8169



Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box DIY:

1Fold one end of the toilet paper roll down towards the center.  Each flap should go a little past the middle of the roll, so that when you fold down the second side, there is no gap between them.


IMG_8178    IMG_8185

2Do this to both sides, so that you have essentially a pillow box.  Well, that was easy!


DIY Inexpensive Gift Wrap (aka Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box)



Next we want to spruce it up a bit with some embellishments!  Take a piece of newspaper or magazine paper and cut a thin strip, about 1″.  Then roll it around the toilet paper pillow box and tape the end (on the underside).





Grab some sort of ribbon material.  I really like the organic gift wrap style, so I suggest natural-colored raffia (pictured below), garden twine, or a natural-colored yarn.  If you want to be really organic and fancy, you can go outside and find some New Zealand flax (it’s everywhere), cut a leaf and let it dry for a couple days.  Tear it into strips and you’ve essentially got some free raffia.



Find some sort of leaf to embellish the top with. Since it’s the holiday season, we found a perfectly good Christmas tree right in our living room. We cut off a tip and used the Christmas tree spring!  Other recommendations are rosemary, dried berries (see this post for ideas), or even some dried twigs or dried (dead) leaves.


DIY Inexpensive Holiday Gift Wrap (aka Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box)

DIY Inexpensive Holiday Gift Wrap (aka Toilet Paper Roll Pillow Box)

Voila: Your super fancy, organic toilet paper roll pillow box!  We love using this type of DIY inexpensive holiday gift wrap for all our smaller holiday presents (like unique jewelry gifts).  The organic vibe also goes along really well with the types of gift wrapping we feature in our monthly surprise gift boxes from Fair Ivy (click here to check out our subscription options!).

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