Fair Ivy News

Welcome to our new website

It’s finally here!

We’ve been so excited to reveal our newly designed website, and can’t believe it’s finally arrived! While nothing absolutely vital has been removed from our site, the navigation has been vastly improved, along with improved view capabilities of our Past Surprises, our blog, and our Subscription Options.  Now, instead of having a multitude of different products pages to decide between—there is simply one:  the Fair Ivy Subscription, and from that product page you can use drop-downs to select your type of subscription and even the number of months of handmade gift boxes you wish to receive.

Artist’s Shop: Coming soon!

We are also doubly excited because this new website format will allow us to create an Artist’s shop section, where you can purchase items directly from artists who have been featured in our monthly subscription gift boxes in the past.  So keep your eyes peeled!