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Fresh strawberry soap, passionfruit rose lip balm

We love handmade soap, and especially love it when it comes all wrapped up in an adorable, clean-feeling way!  This fresh strawberry soap was handmade by Mickey of Fabled Soap Co, and mailed to the subscribers of our Fair Ivy monthly surprise boxes.

Fresh strawberry soap + passionfruit rose lip balm - Monthly Gift Box

Fresh strawberry soap + passionfruit rose lip balm - Monthly Gift Box

These photos don’t do the smell of this fresh strawberry soap justice.  It was delicious enough to want to drink it up in a smoothie!

handmade passionfruit rose lip balm - Fair Ivy Monthly subscription gifts

The handmade passionfruit rose lip balm smelled just like a rose garden in the spring—and felt absolutely amazing as a lip product.

Lip balm packaging using Washi tape | Gift box subscriptions from Fair Ivy

Fabled Soap Co - Artist of Fair Ivy's Monthly Gift Box for Women

We also really liked the way these handmade surprise gifts were packaged.  We always love using kraft paper as a gift wrapping base, and in this instance Fabled Soap Co went with some adorable washi tape for a cute, fresh look (and it also meant she didn’t need to use any regular tape!).

About our artist, Mickey Cho from Fabled Soap Co: After years of unsuccessfully searching for detergent-free washes and soaps, Mickey discovered she could make them herself. So, it became her mission to create the best body products with the highest quality ingredients she could find — and Fabled Soap Co. came to be. Didn’t get a chance to receive this lovely fresh strawberry soap and passionfruit rose lip balm back in August as a monthly gift box?  Check out Fabled Soap Co on Etsy for these and other wonderful handmade gifts!

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Do you want to receive a gift box every  month?  Or even two?  Subscribe to Fair Ivy! Every surprise gift from our monthly gift box subscription is handmade and comes hand-wrapped, along with an informational note card  from the artist to let you know about their process, business and background.  It’s delightful plus you will be supporting US artists at the same time! subscribe-button2

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