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Silver and gold stick necklace

Every month, one of our monthly subscription gifts is a dainty and lovely piece of handmade jewelry.   In September, subscribers received this silver and gold stick necklace, made by Rita of Just a Charm Jewelry.

Silver & Gold Stick Necklace

We absolutely loved this piece.  It was actually created exclusively for Fair Ivy—Rita had created a similar piece in silver before but decided a unique pairing of gold and silver would be just the ticket for her first  feature as a Fair Ivy surprise gift boxes hand-maker! Both our Original Subscription subscribers and our Jewelry subscribers received this hand-wrapped  and hand made goodie as one of the surprise gift boxes in their mailbox. IMG_7835 Also! I was recently asked by Whole Foods to do a presentation on Creative Gift Wrapping for the Holidays at a location in Santa Monica, and they asked for a photo of me to put on a banner (gulp).  I decided this necklace would be a perfect accent piece, so wore it for the photo—check it out below!  (ps. If you live in or near Santa Monica, come to the Wilshire Whole Foots on December 9th at 2pm to hear me speak and participate in a gift wrapping craft event!)

Lucy Fairweather - owner of Fair Ivy surprise gift boxes

For more details on Rita’s jewelry and other lovely handmade products, check out her shop Just a Charm Jewelry.  We know you’ll love her handmade products as much as we do—and remember to keep them in mind for future birthday presents, or random surprise gifts for friends.

Keep your eyes open for more posts on our previous and recent monthly subscription gifts. Coming soon…

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