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Honey Bee Tea Towel

We absolutely love tea time here at Fair Ivy—and what is tea time without a lovely tea towel? In August, one of our monthly surprise gift boxes was this fantastic honey bee tea towel from Pickering Linen Co.  It is made from organic cotton and features a honey-colored honeycomb pattern stamped by hand.

Honey tea towel - August surprise gift boxes

Pickering Linen Co is a new Fair Ivy hand-maker, and we think they did a fantastic job.  We even loved their information card, which introduced our surprise subscribers to their business:

Pickinger Linen Co - Surprise Gift Boxes from Fair Ivy

We don’t have a photo of their surprise gift packaging, but it was very creative and even incorporated recycled scrap paper!


As it turns out, we end up featuring about 2 handmade tea towels a year—if you’d like to email us to get a general gist of when the next one will be appearing, just drop us an email and we’ll give you a little bit of a hint! To visit Pickering Linen Co’s lovely handmade item store, click here.  We know you’ll love their products as much as we do!

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