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Surprise gifts for yourself : a surprise box in the mail!

Did you know? Fair Ivy was originally created as a way to buy surprise gifts for yourself. The concept was that once we grow up, fun care packages sorta dry up.  Our parents may have sent them to us when we were kids at at summer camp or at college, but once you head out into “the real world”, they just…disappear.  Only bills appear in the mail.  Sadness ensues. Surprise gifts for yourself: Surprise box in the mail But never fear! In 2008 Fair Ivy was born, as a way to treat yourself to a monthly surprise gift—because you deserve it. Each month you receive something that is a complete surprise to you, and is also lovingly hand-wrapped by an individual who wants you to enjoy the item as much as they enjoyed making it. Surprise gifts for yourself: Surprise box in the mail Today We’ve found that since Fair Ivy’s inception, people have flocked to our surprise subscription service for a multitude of reasons beyond what we even intended.  Our most numerous customers are:
  • Women treating themselves to a lovely monthly surprise gift from a US-based artist (we know you’d love surprise gifts for yourself too!)
  • Men buying a gift for their girlfriend/wife—either because their girlfriend suggested Fair Ivy, or because it’s a great way for them to not worry about finding that perfect gift every month.  Woohoo for surprise gifts in the mail!
  • People of all walks of life buying these as mother’s day gifts, or as birthday presents for their sisters, aunts, grandmothers, or close friends.  Often our customers tell us they buy them as “pick-me-ups” for friends and family members who are feeling a bit low and could use a fun snail mail cheer-up each month.

Want some surprise gifts for yourself? Sign up for our Surprise box in the mail subscription!

Surprise Box in the Mail : Surprise Gifts for Yourself

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