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Subscription Hiatus Update

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since we updated our followers on the subscription hiatus. As of now, we still don’t have a start date in mind—but we are working on re-vamping the website, so we will be starting back up again. In terms of what will be changing, we’re thinking of switching the subscription up a bit. Before we went on hiatus, you could subscribe to a single subscription that sent a surprise item every month. It would alternate between a jewelry item and a home goods item. Going forwards, it looks like we’re going to split this subscription up. There will be two subscriptions to choose from, and each will send one item every other month. One subscription will only send jewelry items, and the other will only send home goods items. They’ll be shipping in alternate months—so if you want to have things just the way they were before the hiatus, you can subscribe to both subscriptions and still receive an item every month (one from jewelry, then one from home goods, then jewelry, etc). We’re hoping this will allow for more options, as we’ve heard from lots of people that they prefer either jewelry or home goods. It will also allow us on this end to be able to schedule our items better—we can now have a different number of people in each subscription, whereas before we’d have to send to the same number of people for jewelry and home goods. Again—we aren’t sure when this will start up again, but it should be sometime in 2017! Definitely comment with any questions, and we look forward to starting things up again! Warmly, Lucy Fair Ivy Owner

2 thoughts on “Subscription Hiatus Update

  1. Hi Mary! Thanks for your comment. When we do open, we’ll definitely be letting in previous subscribers first, not to worry! Sorry we don’t have a more definite date for when we’re starting up again!

  2. Fair Ivy was one of my favorite subscription boxes and led me to find some great shops on etsy! Hoping you will start up again soon and remember those of us who previously had subscriptions by not making it difficult to resume our subscription with a long wait list….

    Good luck!

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