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SQN Sport Products

SQN Sport makes amazing American-made fitness gear for women. Their products mainly include fitness leggings and tops that support a health and active lifestyle, effortlessly blending luxury design and fitness technology into a premium product made in the USA.

Where Can I Buy SQN Sport products?

For many customers in the US, you will have to order their products through their website, You can get a 10% discount when you use the SQN Sport discount code LUCYF4. If you happen to be in Sun Valley, Idaho or Malibu, California—you’re extra lucky! You can actually go to an SQN Store in person and try on their gear. But never fear—for online customers, they have a good return and exchange policy.

Made in the USA

We love that SQN Sport is focussed on American made products. It supports local workers, safe and fair working conditions, and reduces all of our carbon footprints.

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