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Silver gemstone bracelet

In the month of May, Fair Ivy subscribers received a lovely silver gemstone bracelet from Simply Lovely Handmade.   Let’s open up the package! IMG_3077 IMG_3078 The Artist Intro card reads: Hi, I’m Sara, designer behind Simply Lovely Handmade.   Simply Lovely Handmade is a collection of stylish, understated, perfect-for-everyday jewelry.  From delicate layering necklaces to the perfect statement earrings, each piece of jewelry is designed to be an essential for daily wear while transitioning effortlessly from day to night. This delicate bracelet, custom designed in collaboration with Fair Ivy, features a pink chalcedony gemstone on a sterling silver satellite chain.  I hope that you enjoy wearing this as much as I enjoyed designing and making it! IMG_3081 IMG_3101 IMG_3108 IMG_3113 IMG_3122 IMG_3157 IMG_3147 IMG_3134 We absolutely loved the delicacy of both the packaging and the bracelet itself.  This lovely little surprise received some of the best feedback of any jewelry piece we’ve ever sent! Want to pick one up for yourself?  Visit Simply Lovely Handmade‘s Shop! Or, want to receive a handmade surprise in the mail every month, just like this one? Learn more about Fair Ivy by clicking below: Fair Ivy handmade unique gifts

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