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Rover.com Promo Code

Note: This is no longer a promo code post. This is simply a Rover.com review.  Rover.com is a website for booking local, trusted dog sitters, either in your own home or at a hosts home. Considering a lot of dog-sitters start at around $30/night (when you board the dog at the sitter’s house), you can’t really do much better anywhere else! Rover Coupon Code and Rover Promo Code Deal PSST. Looking to buy some sweet pet products? Have you checked out Wag.com yet?

My Rover.com Review:

I own a couple of medium-sized dogs. I do a lot of vacations nearby Los Angeles so that I can take them with me, but obviously there have been times where I venture further afield and have to leave them at home. I’m lucky enough to have enough dog-friendly friends and family members that they usually have a place to go, but for holidays it’s always a bit tough. This past Christmas, it seemed like everyone was going out of town, so I headed on over to Rover.com. I had a Rover.com promo code link for $20 off (no longer available), so I thought I might as well give it a go. I found a dog-sitter that lived less than 5 miles from my house, and left my dogs there for a total of 3 nights. While I was away, it was amazing! My dog-sitter sent me updates via text, as well as a photo each day of some adventure or silly thing they’d gotten up to. It looked like they were even happier than when I was hanging with them (but I definitely assured myself that couldn’t be true). Rover promo Code and Wag Products It definitely made my vacation a lot more stress-free, and everyone was in really good form when I picked them up upon my return. 10/10 would hire a house-sitter through Rover.com again!

Here’s how Rover.com works:

  1. Head on over to Rover.com (dur)
  2. Decide whether you want your pet-sitter to host your doggie at their house, or to come and stay at your own house (hint: they might even be able to feed your fish or water your plants if you go this route!)
  3. Select the nights you need the sitter, plus the size of your dog, and enter your zip code
  4. You’ll end up on a search page that lists all the available sitters near you, including their photo, bio, and past reviews from other dog owners!
  5. Find someone you like, and start your booking.
  6. On the day of your booking, either drop off your dog at the sitter’s house, or wait for the sitter to knock on your door.
  7. Head out on your trip and have a stress-free time. Your sitter will text or email you photos from their time with your dog, so you can be sure they’re happy and healthy.
Note: If you’re interested in becoming a pet-sitter for Rover.com, head on over to this link. Definitely give this service a try next time you’re stressing about how to make sure Fido is happy next time you decide to jet off to Hawaii. It will be like he is having his own adventure vacation as well!

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