Natural Gift Wrapping DIY – Autumn Gift Wrap Ideas

Natural Gift Wrapping DIY

I think Autumn is a lovely time of year—things are cooling down and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees.

….and because of all this, it’s also a great time for me to post a natural gift wrapping DIY!

Natural Gift Wrapping DIY

Step 1: Go for a walk

Take a stroll in the Autumn air.  On your journey, gather up some twigs, dead leaves, and perhaps some lovely dried berries.  If you don’t have any gardening twine, grab some from a garden store (the dollar store usually has it too!).

Natural Gift Wrapping DIY

Step 2: Wrap your box in kraft paper

This is the base layer of how I wrap the majority of my presents. It looks fancier and classier than other types of gift wrap, in my opinion—and is what helps give the boxes their natural gift wrapping feel.  If you don’t have any of it lying around, use an inside-out brown grocery bag or a brown lunch bag.  If those are also not available, a piece of newspaper (text mostly) can be an ok substitute.

Natural Gift Wrapping DIY

Step 3: Twine it up

The brown twine is also important for the natural gift wrapping feel.  Tie it either centered or off-centered.  Off-centered can give an even fancier vibe.

Natural twine gift wrapping DIY

Final Step: Try out different combinations

Go nuts with the collection of leaves and stuff you’ve collected.  Usually one or two different items is sufficient—like some twigs and berries, or a dead leaf and an acorn, etc.

Natural Gift Wrapping DIY


And you’re done!

I have another post with some more intricate natural gift wrap DIY ideas, so if you like this style go ahead and check it out!

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