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Homemade Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes people disregard presentation when they’re giving a gift. But having been in the gift industry for almost 10 years now, I know how important presentation actually is. It can make the difference between someone thinking the item inside has a good value or a low value. And it can change the overall “vibe” of the item—you can add a hint of fun, or mystery, or luxury—just based on what type of gift wrapping you choose. With that in mind, we’ll jump into some really cute and cool homemade gift wrapping ideas to made sure your gift gives off the right impression. 10 Cute Homemade Gift Wrapping Ideas

Homemade Gift Wrapping Ideas

We usually recommend starting with either brown kraft paper (if you don’t have any, cut up any brown grocery bag or lunch bag and voila!). Or, if your box already looks nice, just start from there and add embellishments, like the ones below.

Use Stamps

If you have any stamps around the house, adding one to the top of a plain kraft box can really add a lot. Hearts are a great stamp idea, as well as feathers. If you don’t have any stamps, we recommend cutting one out of a rubber eraser, and then using ballpoint pen ink (or lipstick) as your stamp ink.

Leaves or Flowers

Probably our favorite type of homemade gift wrap embellishment, leaves and flowers can give a very organic feel to the gift. If you’re doing flowers, we recommend picking a test flower first and seeing how long it lasts before it starts to wilt. Make sure it will last long enough to get the gift to your recipient (lavender lasts a long long time). For leaves and twigs, sometimes dead or dried ones work best. But if you find eucalyptus leaves, those last a long time fresh, and smell really nice. Certain herbs work well too (fresh), like rosemary.

Ribbons, twine and lace

Our favorite type of item to use to close it up is with gardeners twine. You can get it both at an arts and crafts store, and also at your local hardware or garden center. Additionally its available on Etsy.

“Wrapped with Love” Tag

To give it that finishing touch, attach a little tag that says “Made with Love” or “Wrapped with Love”, or even just has a little heart drawn on it. It seals in that homemade touch.


Summary: Keep it simple and cheap when you’re doing homemade gift wrapping. You should be able to find enough stuff around your house to fashion an adorable little gift.

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