Vintage French Chic Purse surprise

This October, our surprise artists really outdid themselves.  This gorgeous vintage french chic purse was custom created for Fair Ivy by Dulcinas (her shop on Etsy where you’ll find lovely purses is called Mi Bazaar Latino).  It is hands-down one of the nicest Etsy purses we have come across, and hope that the artist soon offers it in her store for those interested in nabbing one (that is, if you aren’t already a Fair Ivy surprise package subscriber).

Vintage french chic handmade purse - handmade gift

We absolutely adore the fabric on both the inside and outside of this purse.  The outside is gorgeous linen that came in a variety of styles (see the difference between the above and below photos?), all of which were lovely.

Vintage french chic purse - handmade gift

While this purse technically could be used day to day, to me it calls for special occasions.  One, because it is cream (i.e. dirt is bad), and two because it is just so darn chic.  A prim and proper outing to a tea house with the girls is an fun event idea to take this purse to.  Where would you take it?

Handmade vintage french chic purse

When thinking about how to describe this, shabby chic purse definitely came to mind—and one customer suggested it was “very Rachel Ashwell ” shabby chic couture. Admittedly, we had to go look up what that meant, but now that we’ve done our research, we agree!

Vintage chic purse - handmade gift

The inside lining even came in a variety of lovely vintage chic fabrics—it was a surprise even to us which one you received!  Here are two of the possible lovely floral lining styles:

Linen lining of vintage chic purse

The artists information card was decorated in a similar floral pattern and reads:

“A collection of jewelry and accessories designed and handmade in California since 2007 by Claudia Anaya selling online and craft shows.  Inspired by the post infused with a vintage chic vibe using repurposed jewelry, vintage baubles and findings, fabrics, etc…”

Vintage chic handmade purse - handmade gift

Plus!  The purse came in a lovely re-usable fabric baggie, which also came in a variety of fabric styles.  The one below is polka dot, and we know the lovely folks over at SubscriptionTherapy received a floral one.

French couture purse

What other gorgeous designs did handmaker Dulcinas create this month?  Perhaps we’ll never know (if you got a different style, post it in the comments)!

Linen lining of vintage chic purse

Want to check out the shop where you can find lovely purses such as this, along with jewelry and more?  Visit Mi Bazaar Latino on Etsy.

Ps. Dulcinas created another surprise item for Fair Ivy back in February 2013.  Check it out here.

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