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Handmade Summer Chiffon Scarf

This gorgeous sailer-inspired summer scarf was sent to subscribers in June 2015 from Ting Lisa. IMG_3164 IMG_3171 IMG_3173 IMG_3182 IMG_3198 The artist info card reads:
Hello there! I’m Ting Ting, owner of the Etsy store TingLisa. I absolutely love to create fun, vibrant, and unique products for women. This month I am beyond excited to present my newest handmade item—my Day At The Beach polka dot scarf. It is super sheer and soft, and instantly creates the beach vacation feeling when you wear it. I hope you enjoy it!
To see more of my unique creations please visit my shop. You can use the code “FAIR15OFF” (by 8/31) for 15% off any items!
Have a Happy Summer! Love, Ting Ting
IMG_3204 IMG_3202 IMG_3223 IMG_3259 IMG_3276 We absolutely loved the summery feel of both the packaging and the lightness of the scarf. Want to pick one up for yourself?  Visit Ting Lisa‘s Shop! Or, want to receive a handmade surprise in the mail every month, just like this one? Learn more about Fair Ivy by clicking below: Fair Ivy handmade unique gifts

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