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Handmade Ocean Breeze Soap surprise

What better time to feature ocean-themed surprise gifts than in the summer?  This June, our gift box subscribers received three lovely surprise items, one of which was this delightfully-scented Ocean Breeze Soap by Naturally So Young.

Handmade Ocean Breeze Soap - Monthly Surprises for Women by Fair Ivy

The fantastic scent is so fresh and so clean it’s a bit hard to describe, but we know it’s visual appeal helps!  This ocean breeze soap has blue and turquoise layers much like the ocean, and even a pure white frothy top, like a sea swell.

Handmade Ocean Breeze Soap - Monthly Surprises for Women by Fair Ivy

Packaged in organic kraft paper with raffia twine, this lovely handmade soap’s cute gift packaging was even embellished with a little seashell, to round off the ocean theme.

Handmade Ocean Breeze Soap - Monthly Surprises for women

We hope you liked this lovely soap as much as we did!  To purchase a bar, and to check out Naturally So Young’s other wonderful products, visit her shop by clicking here.

Do you want to receive a gift box every  month?  Or even two?  Every surprise gift is handmade and comes hand-wrapped, along with an informational note card straight from the artist, to let you know about their process, business and background.  It’s fun, luxurious, and you will be supporting US artists at the same time!


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