Handmade Gold Nugget Necklace

Handmade gold nugget necklace

In May (our last month before our big hiatus), subscribers received this handmade gold nugget necklace from Polished Podge as one of their unique handmade surprises!  We adored it, and heard wonderful things back from our customers as well.

Let’s dive right in to opening one!





IMG_6984    IMG_6982

We love the branding on this little package—from the ribbon, flower to even the branded sticker and little insert!  Plus, who doesn’t love to know exactly where things are made?

Goody—we get to open a second box!





Handmade gold nugget necklace

Handmade gold nugget necklace

The big reveal:  this gold nugget necklace was so shiny and exciting, unwrapping the box felt like opening a treasure chest!


The little artist’s info card reads:

This surprise gift has been handmade and delivered to you by Natalie Peters of Polished Podge.  Natalie began her adventures in creating jewelry as a child.  Much later in life with her home overflowing with jewels and findings, Natalie opened up the Polished Podge shop on Etsy in 2012.  She is delighted to be a featured artist with Fair Ivy.

This handmade simple gold necklace was created especially for you.  These golden nuggets hang delicately from a 14k gold filled chain.  Simple and elegant, this necklace adds a touch of sparkle to your everyday wear.  Natalie hopes you enjoy wearing this piece as much as she enjoyed its creation!



IMG_7033     IMG_7049-Edit-Edit

Handmade gold nugget necklace

We hope you enjoyed your jewelry surprise in May, and if you didn’t get a chance to get one—head on over to Polished Podge’s Etsy site to pick one up now!



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