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Handmade gold and silver rings necklace

The handmade jewelry surprise that was sent to our surprise gift boxes subscribers in November was a bit unique in that it contained both gold and silver!  This handmade gold and silver rings necklace was created specifically for Fair Ivy by Silver Vine Boutique, and was mailed out with care as one of our monthly gift boxes for women!

Gold and silver rings necklace - handmade jewelry gifts

Artist's card for a fair ivy surprise package

We loved its dainty size, as well as the lovely, bright contrast between the gold and silver textured rings.  The handmade necklace came in an adorable little envelope, and included an information card about the artist who crafted it.


The artist card reads: “Welcome to Silver Vine Boutique!  We specialize in providing unique, handcrafted and vintage items for you and your home.  Our jewelry designer Jen has been crafting and selling her creations for over 10 years.  A talented artist, she also paints, hammers and stamps goods for the home and garden.  We hope you enjoy your treasure!”

Gold and silver rings necklace - handmade jewelry gifts

Gold and silver rings necklace - handmade jewelry gifts

I actually loved this necklace so much that it made it onto my neck on Christmas Day.  It is just the right combination of elegant, simple, and classy.  I got a lot of compliments!

Gold and silver rings necklace - handmade jewelry gifts

If you weren’t lucky enough to receive one of these lovely handmade gold and silver rings necklaces in November (because you aren’t a monthly gift box subscriber!), don’t be too upset:  you can head on over to Silver Vine Boutique’s store and pick one up yourself!

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Do you want to receive a handmade suprise gift package every  month?  Or even two? Fair Ivy monthly suprise packages sends them to you! All of our monthly surprise gift boxes are handmade and come hand-wrapped, along with an informational note card sent from the artist, so you can connect with their process, business and background (and sometimes their unusual hobbies)!  It’s luxurious, pampering, and you will be supporting US artists at the same time.

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