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Gourmet Gummy Bears

Gourmet Gummy Bears Amy from A Sweet Delivery was generous enough to send me a sample of one of her wonderfully gift-wrapped treats—gourmet gummy bears !  They were so so cute, and deliciously soft and sweet with just a hint of sourness. Gourmet Gummy Bears Gourmet Gummy Bears Handmade Gourmet Gummie Bears Handmade Gourmet Gummie Bears Gourmet Gummy Bears I went a little kookoo taking photos of these gummies, but I couldn’t help it—the color were just so perfect.  Luckily it was a decently big box—after each photo I couldn’t help but devour one! I am sad I didn’t think to take photos of the box beforehand, as it was in a really cute container that would make the perfect size for a gift! A Sweet Delivery was created as a sweet, stylish gift alternative to flowers and fruit baskets. They do all sorts of wonderful candy boxes, so definitely check them out here:  asweetdelivery.com

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