Cute, creative and inexpensive ways to gift wrap!

Sometimes the best gift wrapping is the type that results from not having any wrapping paper around!
Here is a collection of some easy and fun gift wrapping ideas!
Embellish some regular brown paper with anything you find lying around
the house—colored tape, strips of magazines or pages from old books
(if you can bear to destroy them)
Another cute way to embellish brown paper—go to your local craft store and pickup some little fake flowers!
Make a polka dot design with newspaper cutout circles!
This one is especially clever—take your used potato chip bags (yes, you heard me!),
rinse them out and use them inside out for some fancy silver wrapping paper!
Another cute way to use book pages.  A little handmade note card—such as this
white one with a simple heart stamp, adds some serious class.
These hearts are made out of paint sample cards—those free cards
you pick up from your local hardware store!

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