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Berry Bowl Dessert Set

November’s surprise has arrived and we think you’ll be thrilled with it just like we are. If you’ve been looking for that perfect piece to add a splash of color while entertaining your friends or just want to add a bit of charm to your afternoon snack, we think this berry bowl will do the trick. local-artist ceramic-bowl Like most of the Fair Ivy items, this piece was designed just for our subscribers. This handmade pottery is sculpted from white stoneware and fired with a food safe glaze. A stamped texture adds extra detail and has been carefully applied to each piece by hand. berry bowl Completing this sweet little berry bowl set is a matching scoop. The scoop also features a hand stamped texture and is sized just right. We admit that this piece is great for special occasions but are thrilled that it is dishwasher safe and truly designed for everyday use. stamped-pottery The hands behind this ceramic bowl belong to Natalia Martinez, owner and artist at Misfit Dynamo. Her pieces are all handmade and created in small batches so that each detail can be carefully crafted. Her shop is filled with beautiful pieces of ceramic ware designed to bring warmth and charm to your everyday life. handmade-pottery If you’d like to see more of Natalia’s work or shop for some great pieces to compliment your berry bowl, be sure to visit her at If you are a Fair Ivy subscriber, there is also a special discount on this month’s artist card.

Wayfair Furniture

Wayfair offers amazing furniture and home goods. Plus, get 10% off your entire order with this link.  [line]

About Wayfair

Wayfair is an online marketplace that literally sells everything that you could possibly need for your home. Usually I think of furniture when I think of Wayfair, as its a great place to head to when you are just starting out in a new home, or whether you just need to update some of your current furniture. But it also has a ton more stuff, like linens, kitchen goods, rugs, appliances, bathroom items, and more. It’s kinda like an online Ikea, in a way. Visit: [line]

Tomorrow Sleep Coupon Code

Tomorrow Sleep makes a awesome new type of mattress—a smart one! Plus, get $75 off your Tomorrow Sleep Mattress when you use this referral link.

Tomorrow Sleep

The mattress itself is not overly expensive for what you’re getting, but you can still save an additional $75 if you use a referral link. Get $75 off here. It works like a Tomorrow Sleep coupon code, but the link itself applies the discount rather than needing a code. Tomorrow Sleep Coupon Code: Get $75 off

More about Tomorrow Sleep

The Tomorrow Sleep Mattress is unique in how it operates—because it actually tracks your sleep. What other mattress does that? Based on what it learns, it makes suggestions for how you can get a better nights sleep.

Tomorrow Sleep Refer a Friend

They also have an awesome offer right now where you can refer a friend to purchase a Tomorrow mattress, and you’ll get a $50 Visa gift card if they purchase. You don’t share a Tomorrow Sleep coupon code, but rather a referral link. Click here to get $75 off your mattress!

WayFair Promo Code 2018

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links, which earn us commissions when clicked.  Wayfair is a comprehensive online marketplace for home goods of all sizes. *Click here for up to 70% off Wayfair products!* Wayfair Promo code link for 10% off This link works like a WayFair Promo code 2018 and will show you the best discounts available currently.

WayFair Promo Code 2018

Click here to get up to 70% off at WayFair and view all available WayFair Promo Code 2018 deals (verified link). That page is a version of the home landing page, which will show you all the current discounts and sales available at this moment. Many items on there are listed at up to 70% off. You can also find free shipping deals, depending on the total of your order. It’s not hard to find a deal honestly. What is WayFair? Plus, get up to 70% off with our WayFair Promo Code 2017

What is WayFair?

WayFair is an online store for basically any item you would need for your household. Their furniture selection ranges from kitchen appliances to sofas, to outdoor furniture. They have linens for everything from curtains, to rugs, to bed sheets (really nice ones too!). What is WayFair? Get 70% off with our WayFair Coupon Code 2017 linkYou can get a nice selection of mattresses as well. NOTE: First check out this page for a list of the best delivered mattresses. There is also all kinds of stuff for your kids or even your pets. I’ve really enjoyed perusing their lighting options. Not only can you buy all sorts of lamps and wall fixutres, but you can even buy chandeliers on there! Surprisingly, they even have plumbing fixtures and generators on there. While searching around on, I actually was having a hard time finding something they DIDN’T sell. So to answer the question—What is WayFair?—the answer is basically, “It’s everything!”.

WayFair Coupon Code 2018

Again, be sure to visit WayFair via this link. You’ll be able to view all current sales, as well as any available WayFair coupon code 2017 deals.

Turo Discount Code

Turo Discount Code: Get $25 to rent a car from owner! Turo is a unique peer to peer car sharing service. Read on to learn how to rent your car out as well as how to rent a car from owner. Plus, get a discount by clicking this Turo Discount Code link. You can get up to $25 credit per friend referred, plus $75 credit when you rent out your own car. We adore it. [line]

Turo Discount Code

Start off your Turo adventure with a $25 Turo discount code. Access it by clicking here, or the button below. Turo Discount Code: Get $25 towards Turo's peer to peer car sharing service! Additionally, if you sign up via that link, you can score a car owner’s bonus. When you rent your car out to other users, you’ll get a $75 bonus deposited in your account the first time you rent. Two ways to earn extra cash. Actually three if you refer your own friends. [line]

Peer to Peer Car Sharing: What is it?

If you’ve used AirBnb, you already have experienced the peer to peer sharing economy. It occurs when one person has something to spare (e.g. a bedroom), and someone else needs to borrow it for a bit. I mean, why not—you aren’t using it! Everyone could use a little extra cash. Side note: There are sharing services for all sorts of things! Our current favorite is hip camping (HipCamp). Anyway, I digress. Turo is the same thing, but for peer to peer car sharing specifically. Either you have a car and are happy to rent your car out for extra cash, or you need to rent a car from an owner in that city. helps you navigate the car options in your city. You can find anything from a convertible sports car, to a van that includes a mattress in the back.

How Does Turo Work? Rent a Car from Owner

How Does Turo Work? How to Rent your Car and get a $75 bonusRenting a car can be expensive, and complicated. When you borrow a privately owned car, it usually ends up being a lot cheaper and more flexible. Turo connects you with a car owner. Find one you like. Then apply to rent a car from an owner, and together you figure out your pickup location. Sometimes they’ll even deliver it straight to your location (for free or for a small fee). Together you decide the mileage you’ll be putting on the car. You’ll also both ensure that the car is returned the way it was taken—so take photos! Other than that, you’re good to start driving! How does Turo work? As in, how do they make money? Well, pretty much the way all the sharing services do. makes a profit by being a middle man. They take 25% from the car owner’s earnings. [line]

Rent your Car Out…and Earn Cash

If you have a car that you don’t use all the time, you may want to consider the option to rent your car out. It’s a great way to earn extra cash. In busy cities, it’s also one way to ensure you don’t need to find a parking spot the entire time you’re on vacation! Turo obviously isn’t free (if you’re a car owner), as I mentioned before. They skim off 25% of your earnings. So be sure to calculate that in when you’re…calculating stuff. But! If you sign up for Turo via this link, you’ll start with a $75 car owner bonus. [line]

Don’t Miss the Promo Code:

Click here for $25 off a car rental, or a $75 bonus when you list a car


Today Tix Coupon Code: Use GWHNV

TodayTix is an awesome app for purchasing last minute, awesome deals on theater events. Plus, get a $10 or£10 discount when you use the TodayTix coupon code GWHNV. Today Tix Coupon Code: $10 or £10 with code GWHNV

More about Today Tix

TodayTix is not only a great deal, but it’s pretty fun. For a lot of bigger events, you actually pick up your tickets from a TodayTix person outside the theater. It feels very covert and fun. And most deals on there are 25-50% off. If your schedule is flexible its a great way to get out there and see shows for cheaper.