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Athena Club Referral Code

Athena Club is an awesome new subscription service that sends out premium and organic tampons to you every month. Plus, get your first month for free when you use the Athena Club Referral Code: BONUSCREDIT100978. [line]

About Athena Club

We really love the concept behind Athena Club. First off, all Athena Club tampons are organic and FDA approved. They are also made from premium products: cotton, rayon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester. The crazy thing is—they are actually a surprisingly good price considering how nice they are! The cost starts at $6.50 for an 18 count pack, which ends up being about $0.36 per individual tampon. During the ordering process, you can select exactly what size you want, including whether you want a variety. You can even customize the package exactly (if you’re that in tune with exactly what you need). Then, you can add up to 3 bags total (of 18 tampons each) per month. You can also have the subscription send only every 2 months or 6 months if you prefer. On a total side note, I can’t get over how beautiful the Athena Club website. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Visit here: AthenaClub.com [line]

Athena Club Referral Code: Get a Free Month!

This discount code is a really awesome deal—it gets you an entire month for free with Athena Club. To use it, simply add the product to your cart that you’re interested in (see above for details). Then, during checkout you should see a little box on the left that asks for a Referral Code. This is where you’ll enter the Athena Club Referral Code: BONUSCREDIT100978. Your first month will be free! Then, if you want to share with friends, you can use your own AthenaClub promo code on your account to earn more free months. Too cool. Athena Club Referral Code | Free month with code: BONUSCREDIT100978
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Amerisleep Mattress Coupons And Promo Codes

Get $250 Off With AmeriSleep Mattress Coupons And Promo Codes

Get $250 Off With AmeriSleep Mattress Coupons And Promo Codes


  • Click review code to see $200 discount code.
  • Copy code then click on “Get Deal”
  • The link will take you to the Amerisleep page where it will retrieve your $200 discount.
  • Select your mattress and enter the $200 code above at checkout. Usually the site offers an additional $50 discount, but not always.
Use our Amerisleep coupons to save a total of $250 on your mattress purchase. In order to get the deal, customers will need to use the link provided above to get the initial $50 off, then enter the code provided above to get the additional $200. When used together, the customer gets a $250 discount on their Amerisleep mattress. That is one of the biggest discounts available in the mattress industry.

About The Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep has quickly become one of the biggest names in the mattress industry. They provide a number of different bed styles that have helped sleepers all over the US. They use unique materials and building techniques to provide a sleep that is comfortable, supportive, and cool. Make sure to read this Amerisleep Colonial mattress review if you are interested in learning more. They are so confident in their bed that they offer a 100 night sleep trial that is completely stress free.

Help Spread The Word About Amerisleep

After combining our Amerisleep discount and the 100 night sleep trial, its a no brainer to give this bed a try. I am guessing you will be impressed with your new quality of sleep. Make sure you let your friends know about the Amerisleep mattress and get them hooked up with our $250 discount. Good friends don’t let friends sleep on bad mattresses.
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WayFair Promo Code 2019

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links, which earn us commissions when clicked.  Get 10% off your entire order by clicking here. It works like a Wayfair promo code 2019 but it’s a link instead! 10% off is a great deal on Wayfair—especially considering the prices are already crazily low. Wayfair Promo code link for 10% off Wayfair is an amazing online retailer for home goods.

WayFair Promo Code 2019

Click here to get 10% off your entire Wayfair order. It is a discount link rather than a pure promo code—but I believe it is the best Way Fair Promo Code 2019 option out there. Don’t miss out.

What is Way Fair?

Wayfair is one of my favorite places to shop online. For a couple reasons—for one, they’re really easy to peruse, and you can easily compare a thousand options for different things. Speaking of—they have a thousand options for everything. Which I guess for some people could be a nightmare if you have trouble deciding things. But if you’re like me and like choice, then Wayfair can be a really fun shopping adventure. Don’t take my word for it, head on over there and check it out for yourself. Just visit some simple section like “Bed sheets” and you’ll see what I mean!

More about the Way Fair Promo Code 2019

Don’t forget to score 10% off by clicking the link above. The landing page that link takes you to should discount your shopping cart with a 10% discount. You’ll see it when you check out!

Whisk & Flour Review: A Unique Baking Subscription

Whisk and Flour ReviewThere’s no two ways about it. I’m in love with my Whisk & Flour subscription! I mean, who wouldn’t love mail day when it brings such a fun, adorable and delicious activity to your doorstep?

What is Whisk & Flour?

Whisk & Flour is a new baking subscription that sends a unique baking kit to your doorstep every month. For $28 a month (including shipping!) you receive the main ingredients, an adorable recipe card, info about the recipes origins/background, and my first one even came with a little kitchen product as a surprise gift!

My Whisk & Flour Review: October Box

So I obviously jumped on board as soon as this subscription released. It promised to have everything I love—surprises, adorable packaging, and delicious treats. Plus, I love when mail I receive turns into an activity for the evening. So this October, I got my first box! The packaging is too adorable for words. Upon opening, you find two notecards—one with the recipe, and the other describing the dessert and it’s background. This month was Matcha Green Tea Cookies! Which sounded so unique. I jumped right in (and roped my boyfriend into the baking fun). Whisk and Flour Box Review What is Whisk & Flour? Each of the ingredients comes in its own eco-friendly packaging, and are all packaged inside a cute linen baggie (that I’m going to re-use for crafting supplies—yay!). Plus, we got a bonus gift in our box this month—a silpat baking sheet. I also love that all the ingredients have little baking puns on them. My favorite was “Stop and smell the {all-purpose} flour”. Hehe. Whisk and Flour Subscription The actual mixing process was easy (thanks to the instruction card), and I really liked that there was an hour when the mixture had to cool in the fridge. It added a real element of anticipation to the event. We watched an episode of our favorite tv show while we waited, happily knowing dessert was coming soon. Whisk & Flour Baking Sub When the cookies were finally baked and cooled, we found they were delicious. My boyfriend was a bit worried at first because he normally only likes chocolate-based desserts, but we were both pleasantly Whisk & Flour Box Contentssurprised. And they were such a fun color. I love that Whisk & Flour gets you to try desserts and recipes you wouldn’t normally choose. It’s opening up a whole new baking world! Plus, I do feel like this is a really cute activity to bring together friends or family members for the evening. We enjoyed it as a couples activity, but I could see it being really fun for a mom/kid, or even for an easy-going girls’ night activity. Overall, I’m a huge fan. Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring! Check out Whisk & Flour here.            
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Wayfair Coupon Code

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links, which earn us commissions when clicked. Do you need a Wayfair Coupon Code? Click here for 10% off. It’s a discount link rather than a coupon code, but it works the same way.Be sure to use the links or the button below:WayFair coupon Code Wayfair is an amazing online home goods store. They showcase and sell everything from furniture, decor, linens, home improvement, appliances and more. It’s kinda like Ikea, but in an easy, non-stressful online format! We’ll go into a review below (well more like an overview).

Wayfair Review (/Overview)

Wayfair is a really great online store for pretty much all the random stuff in your house, a lot like you’d find at Ikea. I mean, I usually use Amazon for buying random knick knacks and fun stuff. But for the larger, more solid stuff, I check out Wayfair first. Especially when I can’t make it to Ikea for meatballs. Wayfair Coupon Code 2016: Get 10% off plus FREE shipping I have been eyeing new duvet cover from there because it would suit my room so nicely. From what I’ve heard, shipping is really quick. The quality is super high. You could buy all the kitchenware in your house from Wayfair. Including the kitchen table/chairs and linens and everything else you can think of! Some of my girlfriends are really into their pillows and linens. They actually are slowly convincing me to buy a couple of new pillows as well. I never was super into pillows, but the Wayfair pillows look very fresh and beachy, which I love. So we’ll see. Also, customer service seems really nifty and quick. Overall, it’s a store to investigate! (Plus, who can say no to 10% off with the Wayfair coupon code located here. Plus, free shipping over $49! Woohoo!). Wayfair Coupon Code 2016: Get 10% off plus FREE shipping It’s definitely worth giving it a look around, for anything you ever would need. Literally almost anything your house is lacking, and they’ll have it. Or maybe you just want a fancy upgrade? I’ve had my eyes on a few of their cool bedroom rugs. And I’m definitely thinking an outdoor firepit and patio set is in order.

WayFair Coupon Code

Get 10% off at WayFair using this link, or by clicking the button below. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal!

WayFair coupon Code

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Subscription Hiatus Update

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since we updated our followers on the subscription hiatus. As of now, we still don’t have a start date in mind—but we are working on re-vamping the website, so we will be starting back up again. In terms of what will be changing, we’re thinking of switching the subscription up a bit. Before we went on hiatus, you could subscribe to a single subscription that sent a surprise item every month. It would alternate between a jewelry item and a home goods item. Going forwards, it looks like we’re going to split this subscription up. There will be two subscriptions to choose from, and each will send one item every other month. One subscription will only send jewelry items, and the other will only send home goods items. They’ll be shipping in alternate months—so if you want to have things just the way they were before the hiatus, you can subscribe to both subscriptions and still receive an item every month (one from jewelry, then one from home goods, then jewelry, etc). We’re hoping this will allow for more options, as we’ve heard from lots of people that they prefer either jewelry or home goods. It will also allow us on this end to be able to schedule our items better—we can now have a different number of people in each subscription, whereas before we’d have to send to the same number of people for jewelry and home goods. Again—we aren’t sure when this will start up again, but it should be sometime in 2017! Definitely comment with any questions, and we look forward to starting things up again! Warmly, Lucy Fair Ivy Owner