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Athena Club Referral Code

Athena Club is an awesome new subscription service that sends out premium and organic tampons to you every month. Plus, get your first month for free when you use the Athena Club Referral Code: BONUSCREDIT100978. [line]

About Athena Club

We really love the concept behind Athena Club. First off, all Athena Club tampons are organic and FDA approved. They are also made from premium products: cotton, rayon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester. The crazy thing is—they are actually a surprisingly good price considering how nice they are! The cost starts at $6.50 for an 18 count pack, which ends up being about $0.36 per individual tampon. During the ordering process, you can select exactly what size you want, including whether you want a variety. You can even customize the package exactly (if you’re that in tune with exactly what you need). Then, you can add up to 3 bags total (of 18 tampons each) per month. You can also have the subscription send only every 2 months or 6 months if you prefer. On a total side note, I can’t get over how beautiful the Athena Club website. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Visit here: AthenaClub.com [line]

Athena Club Referral Code: Get a Free Month!

This discount code is a really awesome deal—it gets you an entire month for free with Athena Club. To use it, simply add the product to your cart that you’re interested in (see above for details). Then, during checkout you should see a little box on the left that asks for a Referral Code. This is where you’ll enter the Athena Club Referral Code: BONUSCREDIT100978. Your first month will be free! Then, if you want to share with friends, you can use your own AthenaClub promo code on your account to earn more free months. Too cool. Athena Club Referral Code | Free month with code: BONUSCREDIT100978

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