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Takl App Promo Code

Takl is a home services app that helps you with house work, or most kinds of chores! Get 10% off your first Takl booking when you use the Takl App promo code 14F7B.

Why Are You Talking about Takl?

Takl has been a really great way to keep both my home and my office space clean. They have wonderful cleaning people on the app, as well as handymen in case you have any other issues you need help with. A clear workspace is a productive workspace. Having things professionally tidied twice a month helps me keep my Fair Ivy ducks in a row. Visit Takl.com to try it out.

Takl App Promo Code

The best time to do that really complex project you’ve been thinking of doing is perhaps the first time you use the Takl app. This is because you can get 10% off your first Takl booking—but only on your first order. And there isn’t a limit to the 10% off—so even if your booking costs $1000, you can still get 10% (or $100) off. Use the Takl App Promo Code 14F7B for 10% off your booking. Takl App Promo Code: Get 10% off with the Takl promo code 14F7B

Takl App Locations

Takl is expanding super rapidly, so I’m sure as soon as I publish this post it will have opened somewhere new. But the best way to figure out where they service is to check their website. For now, I know the Takl app has providers that service the following areas:
  • Arizona
    • Phoenix
  • Georgia
    • Atlanta
  • North Carolina
    • Charlotte
  • Florida
    • Tampa
    • Miami
  • Tennessee
    • Nashville
    • Chattanooga
  •  Texas
    • Houston
    • Dallas
  •  California
    • Los Angeles
    • Sacramento
    • San Francisco
If your city isn’t on there, keep checking their website or sign up for their newsletter. They’ll be there soon, I’m sure!

ShapeScale Coupon Code: Get a $50 discount

The ShapeScale device is a whole new way to measure your body and changes as you get healthier. Plus, get a $50 discount when you use the ShapeScale coupon code link located here.

What is the ShapeScale?

It’s currently available for pre-order, and is somewhere in between a body scanner and a scale. It scans your body in the 3D world, and can compare and contrast the changes your body has gone through since the last time you scanned yourself. So not only can it tell you weight changes, but it can tell you which specific areas of your body have gained muscle mass, lost fat, and more. You can then check your progress on a mobile app that can highlight (using a heat map) the changing areas, and show you graphs of your changes. Currently the device is pre-order only, and is priced at $599. To reserve your spot, you pay $299 now and the rest when it ships in 2018. Plus, if you use this $50 referral link, you get an automatic ShapeScale coupon code discount applied to your order. Woohoo! Shapescale Coupon Code : Get a $50 discount