Turo Discount Code

Turo Discount Code: Get $25 to rent a car from owner! Turo is a unique peer to peer car sharing service. Read on to learn how to rent your car out as well as how to rent a car from owner. Plus, get a discount by clicking this Turo Discount Code link. You can get up to $25 credit per friend referred, plus $75 credit when you rent out your own car. We adore it. [line]

Turo Discount Code

Start off your Turo adventure with a $25 Turo discount code. Access it by clicking here, or the button below. Turo Discount Code: Get $25 towards Turo's peer to peer car sharing service! Additionally, if you sign up via that link, you can score a car owner’s bonus. When you rent your car out to other users, you’ll get a $75 bonus deposited in your account the first time you rent. Two ways to earn extra cash. Actually three if you refer your own friends. [line]

Peer to Peer Car Sharing: What is it?

If you’ve used AirBnb, you already have experienced the peer to peer sharing economy. It occurs when one person has something to spare (e.g. a bedroom), and someone else needs to borrow it for a bit. I mean, why not—you aren’t using it! Everyone could use a little extra cash. Side note: There are sharing services for all sorts of things! Our current favorite is hip camping (HipCamp). Anyway, I digress. Turo is the same thing, but for peer to peer car sharing specifically. Either you have a car and are happy to rent your car out for extra cash, or you need to rent a car from an owner in that city. helps you navigate the car options in your city. You can find anything from a convertible sports car, to a van that includes a mattress in the back.

How Does Turo Work? Rent a Car from Owner

How Does Turo Work? How to Rent your Car and get a $75 bonusRenting a car can be expensive, and complicated. When you borrow a privately owned car, it usually ends up being a lot cheaper and more flexible. Turo connects you with a car owner. Find one you like. Then apply to rent a car from an owner, and together you figure out your pickup location. Sometimes they’ll even deliver it straight to your location (for free or for a small fee). Together you decide the mileage you’ll be putting on the car. You’ll also both ensure that the car is returned the way it was taken—so take photos! Other than that, you’re good to start driving! How does Turo work? As in, how do they make money? Well, pretty much the way all the sharing services do. makes a profit by being a middle man. They take 25% from the car owner’s earnings. [line]

Rent your Car Out…and Earn Cash

If you have a car that you don’t use all the time, you may want to consider the option to rent your car out. It’s a great way to earn extra cash. In busy cities, it’s also one way to ensure you don’t need to find a parking spot the entire time you’re on vacation! Turo obviously isn’t free (if you’re a car owner), as I mentioned before. They skim off 25% of your earnings. So be sure to calculate that in when you’re…calculating stuff. But! If you sign up for Turo via this link, you’ll start with a $75 car owner bonus. [line]

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Click here for $25 off a car rental, or a $75 bonus when you list a car

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SunBasket Promo Code

SunBasket Promo Code, Delicious food delivered! SunBasket delivers fresh seasonal ingredients & yummy recipes weekly to your doorstep.

SunBasket Promo Code

SunBasket Coupon Code discount: Get $30 OFF with this link! I’ll be the first to admit I fall hook line and sinker for any place that puts an emphasis on how animals are treated. SunBasket only uses grass fed, pasture raised beef and sustainable seafood from reputable sources.

SunBasket Review

Who would have known that cooking could be so fun? We haven’t yet tried Sunbasket, but with this SunBasket Promo Code we are definitely eying it. I have had the fortune trying out a few of other cooking delivery services such as HelloFresh and Chefd (both have big discounts for your first order). SunBasket takes what those others have, and gives it a more environmental feel. They even go as far as to allow you to return the packaging. Which is my biggest turn off when using the other delivery services.(They make quite a bit of waste.) The food and recipes themselves look amazing. They have a good selection, though I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to change all that much over time. Also, it is important that you are on top of your selection. The meals are delivered so you have to pick a week in advance, or else you will get whatever the chef’s selection is for that week. One of the unique things SunBasket does I have found, is they have a breakfast section which I find very cool. SunBasket Promo Code, Delicious food delivered! It’s well worth trying out the service, especially with the SunBasket Promo Code here to help you start off. Relax and enjoy cooking again, knowing that everything you are eating is prepared naturally with the animals comfort in mind. SunBasket Coupon Code discount: Get $30 OFF with this link!
Handmade products Surprises

Crossbody Purse {the Rosemary Subscription}

This January, our Rosemary subscribers received an item full of bright bold patterns, balanced with neutral tones and gold accents, all wrapped up in thoughtful packaging and delivered directly to their mailboxes. curated subscription rosemary Our artist for January is September Skye and the package is wrapped to give you just a hint of what is in store. We love the tag and the splash of color mixed with classic craft paper. hand wrapped gift wrapping IMG_5222a Handmade items As always, each package has an artist card to tell you more about the creative minds behind each and every item. Debbie, the owner of September Skye, makes her items and sells them in shops as well as on Etsy. Named after her children, Debbie make bags, purses and accessories for women, boys and girls. She has been sewing since she was a little girl and her items are full of surprising details. The crossbody purse that was hand selected for our subscribers is no exception. The cream bag has an adjustable strap and can be worn over the shoulder or as a hipster bag. hipster purse The cross body bag has gold accents to add a bit of glitter and faux leather touches give it a sophisticated edge. This hipster bag is a great size for carrying your necessities without weighing you down and we love that you have your hands free when wearing it. cross body bag Along with the gold and leather detailing, this crossbody purse has a bold patterned interior that is sure to make you smile. All of the items at September Skye are custom made and every bag, purse and accessory is one a unique piece. To see more of Debbie’s work, be sure to visit her Etsy shop, September Skye. hand sewn purse hipster bag
Handmade products

Gold Hook Earrings {the Thyme Subscription}

With the New Year upon us, the first item in our Thyme subscription has arrived. A pair of simple, beautiful made hook earrings was delivered to our subscribers by Melissa at Simply Me Jewelry. These minimalist earrings are sleek and elegant, adding just the right amount of detail and shine to any outfit. As always, the packaging deserves almost as much attention as the hook earrings and shows how much thought and care goes into every package that Fair Ivy subscribers receive. Let’s take a look at the package that has been sent to our Thyme subscribers and the lovely wrapping it arrived in. thyme gift subscription Every package arrives with a welcome card from the artist and from Fair Ivy as well. Be sure to read the artist card to find out more about them, the items they make and sell and where to find more of their handmade goodies. craft box package We love the attention to detail that Melissa has put into this month’s gift subscription. From the stamped boxes to the the tiny tag, all the little things come together in such a great way. simple gift wrap handwrapped gifts And now, let’s take a closer look at what is inside. It’s easy to see why we are excited about these hook earrings and we hope our subscribers love them too. IMG_5107 hook earrings gold hook earrings Melissa, the owner and designer of Simply Me Jewelry, lives Utah and is a self taught artist. She started her business in October of 2011, after a few years of making jewelry as a hobby and her items can be found at her shop Simply Me Jewelry. Melissa’s goal is to make items that have a beautiful simplicity and can be worn everyday. Here at Fair Ivy, we think Melissa has hit her goal with these hook earrings and it is easy to see the care she puts into creating her items. simple earrings women's minimalist earrings

Today Tix Coupon Code: Use GWHNV

TodayTix is an awesome app for purchasing last minute, awesome deals on theater events. Plus, get a $10 or£10 discount when you use the TodayTix coupon code GWHNV. Today Tix Coupon Code: $10 or £10 with code GWHNV

More about Today Tix

TodayTix is not only a great deal, but it’s pretty fun. For a lot of bigger events, you actually pick up your tickets from a TodayTix person outside the theater. It feels very covert and fun. And most deals on there are 25-50% off. If your schedule is flexible its a great way to get out there and see shows for cheaper.