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Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links, which earn us commissions when clicked.  Wayfair is a affordable and fun online shop for home goods, furniture, and so much more. Granted, here at Fair Ivy we decorate many of our small areas with some of the fun home goods surprises that come from Fair Ivy itself (update: since Fair Ivy is on hiatus, we buy most of our handmade goods from Etsy). And for anything bigger we know we’d look to Wayfair as a good option.

WayFair Promo Code discount

Looking for a Wayfair Promo Code right about now? We have a custom link for 10% off your entire order. It’s the best Wayfair discount we’ve come across that doesn’t seem to expire! Wayfair Promo code link for 10% off

WayFair Details

You can use Wayfair for everything you could possibly need in your home. From bath towels, to giant area rugs, to couches. They have everything for an entire house. Recently I found that they even have things like refrigerators, floor tiles, and art! WayFair has an absolutely amazing selection of things for you to choose from. I couldn’t believe how many things there were that I could buy. Plus, they have amazing deals on great items I couldn’t see on other sites. From the bedroom to the kitchen to the patio to even the bathroom, there’s everything. It’s no trouble to get a stylish, comfortable, pulled-together look at home. Plus, it all gets delivered right to your door. How much more convenient could it possibly be? Wayfair Promo code link for a 10% Wayfair discount They also pride themselves on their great customer service. WayFair’s live chat feature is pretty nice too. They can help with concerns you have during the browsing or buying process. They have won awards for customer service and Internet sales. They’re there to help you and they take pride in their services. You’ll want to check out the site every day for their daily sales and clearance events for even more savings. Something from their amazing inventory is sure to catch your eye. And their “Shop the Look” sections help you put together a room easily. Even if you’ve got no idea how to get started with the decorating process. You can just look at their pre-styled looks and see if there’s one you like and go from there. WayFair is a good place to start for all things for your home, and at great prices.

Purple App Review

Purple-App-Purple-Gas-Delivery-1-1 The Purple App delivers gas, straight to your parked car. It’s like Uber, for gas delivery! Use the Purple App promo code B4TFZ for 2 gallons free!

My Purple Review (for the Purple Gas Delivery App):

So I’ve now used this service twice, and have had a fantastic experience both times. I noticed I was low on gas after work, but instead of having to drive to a gas station before going home I just…went home. I parked my car, opened the Purple App, requested gas, and walked into my house. Now, since this was my first time using Purple, I was pretty excited. I ended up sneaking out during the delivery window a couple times to try and catch the gas fairy in the act. And I did! It was just a dude with a big tank, quietly filling up my car while listening to music. (For some reason I decided it was important to hide around the corner, in case I scared him away. Can’t shake off this “gas fairy” notion.) That was it! I of course used a Purple coupon code for my first time, which got me $5 off (code: B4TFZ), and they don’t overcharge for gas. Plus, they left a really nice smelling air freshener on my windshield for me to use. Mmm. Overall it was an extremely worthwhile experience! I will note, however, that I convinced my roommate to give it a try, and she had a less awesome experience. Mainly because her car was parked in a slightly busier location, and her gas cap was on the street side. Whereas mine was located next to the sidewalk. So she had to coordinate with her Purple gas delivery fairy via phone call (less magical), and slightly relocate the car. Next time should hopefully be smoother for her.

We have a Purple Coupon Code available:

Code: B4TFZ

Definitely use the Purple coupon code when you place your first order—you’ll get 2 gallons for free. And be signed up for their newsletter, because sometimes they give away free 5 hour delivery. It’s a pretty obvious concept when you think about it (why didn’t I think of that?), and I’m surprised why it took so long to catch on. But boy, I’m glad it did!

Purple App : Get $5 off Gas Delivery with Purple Coupon Code B4TFZ

Here’s how the Purple App works:

  1. Head on over to Purple and download the app
  2. Enter your account details, including your car description
  3. Add Purple coupon code B4TFZ for the $5 discount
  4. When you’re ready for a gas delivery, put a pin down where your car is and click “Go!”
  5. Hang out wherever you are (at work, at home, at dinner, etc)
  6. When you come back to your car, it will be full!
  7. Drive on!
Driving for the Purple App

Purple is currently serving the west side of Los Angeles:

  • Venice
  • Santa Monica
  • Westwood
  • Culver City
  • Hollywood
  • Bel Air
  • Century City
  • West LA
  • West Hollywood
  • Calabasas
  • Woodland Hills
  • Tarzana
  • Encino
  • More
As I said, it’s not any more expensive than most gas stations in LA—maybe 10 cents more expensive, but think of the time and gas you’ll waste just driving to a gas station! So don’t forget the Purple coupon code, and give it a whirl!

Code: B4TFZ

Handmade products Surprises

Gold and Silver bar necklace

Gold and silver bar necklace Gold and silver bar necklace Fair Ivy handmade surprises Handmade gold and silver necklace This unique two-bar multi-metal necklace was sent to subscribers in July 2015 from Grey Goose Gifts. Handmade gold and silver necklace This is one of our classic jewelry picks—simple, classic, dainty, and hammered! Want to pick one up for yourself?  Visit Grey Goose Gifts‘ shop! Or, want to receive a handmade surprise in the mail every month, just like this one? Learn more about Fair Ivy by clicking below: Fair Ivy handmade unique gifts