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Handmade flower vase

December’s lovely little surprise is sure to be a bright spot in your month. This flower vase is wrapped with care and features dainty lace edging and will add the perfect splash of color wherever it is displayed. Like all our of items, the December surprise is handmade and hand wrapped, then shipped directly to our subscribers from the artist that created it. We know you’ll adore this little flower vase as much as we do! handmade gift Marianne Demartini, owner of Marianne Demartini Ceramics, is the featured artist for December and we love her wrapping on this month’s surprise. The ceramic heart ornament is the icing on the cake.gift wrapping ideas Each monthly surprise includes an artist’s card that tells you a bit about the artist and the surprise gift. The porcelain vase that our subscriber’s received this month was made at Marianne DeMartini’s studio in Northern California. She makes each piece by hand on her potter’s wheel and then hand carves the delicate details on each of her pottery pieces. This small flower vase is made from pure white porcelain clay and no two pieces are alike. gift subscription unique Christmas gift Unique and designed for everyday use, this ceramic flower vase features an aqua green glazing and eyelet lace detailing along the rim. The lead free glaze is food safe and is created from scratch by Marianne. handmade pottery small flower vase porcelain vase green flower vase porcelain flower vase We love the simple beauty of this ceramic vase and hope you treasure this lovely gift as well. To see more of Marianne’s work or pick up a vase for yourself, head over to www.adventuresinclay.etsy.com or visit her website at www.mariannedemartiniceramics.com.  As an added bonus, Fair Ivy subscribers will find an exclusive discount code on the artist’s card that can be used until the end of the month.
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Turo Promo Code

Turo is a car rental service that allows you to rent from other car owners. You can get $25 off your first Turo rental. Sign up via this link.

What is Turo?

Turo is a fun new additional to the peer sharing economy. You can either lease out your own car, or rent someone’s car. Prices are usually a lot cheaper than at a conventional car rental place. Additionally, it’s much easier to coordinate, and a lot more fun too. What is Turo? Get $25 free with a Turo Promo Code You can find ANY kind of car on there. From simple compact cars, to convertibles, SUVs and even sports cars. We’ve found it super useful to borrow a simple car for a couple days when ours was in the shop. And once we needed to pick up some big lumber from Home Depot—so we rented a pickup truck for a day. And guess what? We even found a car on there that had a proper camping setup in the back. So instead of tent camping, we slept in super comfort in the back of our Turo car. We haven’t yet rented a convertible, but that’s next on the list. When my relatives come to visit, it’s time to drive up PCH with the top down. An added benefit? If you hate the smell of rental cars, this is a clever way around that. The cars on Turo will smell like a clean, used car. Which is actually preferable to that weird car rental smell. To us at least! Sign up for Turo here. You can also find a Turo Promo Code via this link.

Turo Promo Code

Click this link to sign up for Turo. Once you have an account, you can share your own Turo promo code link with friends. Each time one of them signs up and uses Turo, you will earn $25 in Turo credits. And each time one of them rents out their car for the first time, you’ll earn $75 in credits. Woohoo!

Handmade Gold Coil Ring

For our November surprise, we teamed up with Lotus Stone Jewelry to surprise our subscribers with a handmade gold coil ring. This is the first ring that we’ve featured and it has a lovely hammered finish and a design that can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Are you ready to see what our subscribers received? artisan-crafted-jewelry packageBeautifully wrapped and delivered straight from the artist, each item has a note from the artist and is packaged with care. We know you’ll love what’s inside! gift-wrapped-handmade-goods Lotus-Stone-November-ring November-gift-gold-handmade-ring artisan-gold-coil-ring This coiled ring is custom made by artist Kristen Briggs in her studio in the Sonoran Desert and can be worn as a knuckle ring or coiled as a mid-finger ring. It is a simple, modern design that can be worn everyday and will add a touch of warmth and sparkle to any outfit. hammered-coil-ring Each ring is hand made and the coils are hammered, giving it texture and facets that reflect the sunlight. Wear the coils stacked tightly or the ring can be spaced out and adjusted for a fit that is truly personal.jewelry-gift-gold-ring hammered-gold-ring Kristen’s pieces are made from sterling silver, gold and hand selected semi-precious and precious stones. To see more of her work or to pick up one of the lovely gold coil rings that our subscribers have received, visit her store at www.lotustonejewelry.com.  
Handmade products Surprises

Hand Painted Porcelain Ring Bowl

The monthly surprise for October has arrived and it is simply beautiful. Made by hand at Red Raven Studios and delivered straight to Fair Ivy subscribers, this dainty porcelain ring bowl is perfect for collecting earrings and rings or for adding a touch of color to your decor. Keep reading to see the October surprise. Fair-Ivy-October package monthly subscription Fair Ivy Fair-Ivy-October surprise Fair-Ivy Red Raven In October, Red Raven sent each of our Fair Ivy subscribers a hand crafted porcelain ring bowl from their Canyon series. This lovely surprise was inspired by the artist’s travels to national parks and is accented with 14K gold luster. Each porcelain piece is created using handmade molds and then individually painted by hand with colors inspired by nature’s palette. handmade surprise Fair Ivy handmade gifts ring bowl handmade monthly surprise This little treasure is the perfect size to catch your rings and other jewelry or to add a wash of color to any display. Lovingly created and inspired by nature, we are sure you’ll love the artistry of the sunset hues and striking simplicity.porcelain accent piece 14k gold Fair Ivy package monthly gift subscription Red Raven shop The ring bowl that arrived as our October surprise is part of the Canyon collection; to see more of this collection, be sure to stop by www.redravenshop.com. Beautiful hand crafted jewelry and other home decor pieces can also be found on Red Raven’s website.  
Handmade products Surprises

Dainty Gold and Pearl Dangle Earrings

  This September, Fair Ivy subscribers received a lovely little package from Nimboo Designs. Scroll to see what was inside… Fair-Ivy-September-packaging Christina-Heaston-Photography---Fair-Ivy-7 Christina-Heaston-Photography---Fair-Ivy-10 These gorgeous gold earrings are our first featured pair of dangly earrings—ever! We love their simplicity and class, with a gorgeous little pearl backed by a gold disk. side-view-gold-and-pearl-earrings Nimboo-dangly-gold-earrings Fair-Ivy-Nimboo-earrings September-earrring-in-use Want to pick a pair up for yourself?  Visit Nimboo Designs’ Shop! Or, want to receive a handmade surprise in the mail every month, just like this one? Learn more about Fair Ivy by clicking below: Fair Ivy handmade unique gifts

Freshly Coupon Code

Note: Some links on this page are affiliate links, which earn us commissions when clicked.  Freshly ships ready-made, ready-to-heat & eat meals to your door each week. Click here for 50% off your first week of meals!

Freshly Coupon Code

Get an exclusive 50% off your first week when you click here. The link works in lieu of a Freshly coupon code. This Freshly promo code link is exclusive to Fair Ivy readers and can’t be found anywhere else! Feel free to share with friends or family!

What is Freshly?

If you’re asking “What is Freshly?”, you aren’t the only one. Freshly has exploded into the food delivery marketplace with a unique angle. You neither need to cook nor do you have to manually order your meals every single day. The closest quick explanation I can get to is a Hello Fresh Meets Munchery. [In case that doesn’t make sense to you: Hello Fresh delivers ingredients and instructions for easily cooking your meals each week (try it here and use code 6PP642 for a $40 discount), whereas Munchery delivers pre-cooked, ready to heat & eat meals to you in an on-demand fashion (try it here and use code K3HDE3HA for a $20 discount)] What this means is that Freshly SHIPS your pre-made meals to you each week. Get anywhere between 6 meals and 21 meals, depending on the plan you choose. Which means you can actually exist entirely on Freshly. They can send breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Sunday. That is—if you feel like it, and don’t mind spending the $229 weekly cost. But remember, for the first week you can get 50% off with this Freshly.com coupon code link.

Freshly Review

With a 50% discount on offer, it was hard to pass up on doing a Freshly review (however, funnily enough I didn’t end up purchasing—I am currently subscribed to HelloFresh). With the Freshly coupon code link here you would end up paying only about $5.80 per meal. To start with, you get to hand-pick each of your meals right when you’re checking out. And when they say 6 meals, they mean ANY 6 meals. You don’t have to have 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners. You can get all 6 as entrees, or half breakfast and half entrees, or whatever combination you like. I pretended to purchase and mentally picked out 4 entrees and 2 breakfasts. Here’s what I would have ordered:
  • ANCHO CHICKEN With Quinoa Lentil Pilaf
  • BAKED PENNE MARINARA With Sauteed Zucchini and Kale
  • HOMESTYLE MEATLOAF With Creamy Potatoes & Spinach
  • JAMAICAN-STYLE JERK CHICKEN With Mango Salsa & Cauliflower “Rice”
What is Freshly : Use Freshly.com coupon FAIR50 for 50% off From the reviews I’ve read, the boxes arrive very quickly, and are kept cold with freezer bags and insulation. Each meal is in a nice little box that stacks easily in the fridge, and can also be microwaved. Freshly Coupon code: use Freshly Promo Code FAIR50 for 50% off I really like that these meals are supposed to be very healthy, and good at weight management. Each one is crafted by a professional chef. You can read all about the meal and it’s ingredients/health properties on the labels or during checkout. Click here to access a 50% discount! It’s one of the best discounts available and is only for new customers. They really want you to give them a shot, because they know you’ll be hooked!

Don’t Forget that Freshly Promo Code

Freshly Promo Code and Freshly Review