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Butter Toki : Handmade Bath Goodies

Handmade bath goodies There was a time back in Fair Ivy’s history where we sent a new bath product every month.  Since then, we’ve gone a bit more of a variety route, but in May we decided it was time to revisit some handmade bath goodies with a lovely set from Butter Toki. Let’s dive in and open ‘er up! IMG_7126 IMG_7131 IMG_7136 IMG_7150 IMG_7151 We absolutely loved the colors of the branding as well as the wrapping inside.  Very fun and upbeat! IMG_7159 IMG_7152 IMG_7170 IMG_7173 IMG_7255 il_570xN.574024503_94gm The first product we found was a Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter.  It smells absolutely amazing and is a really sizable amount! IMG_7157 IMG_7184 IMG_7262 The second goodie we discovered was a Juicy Cherry lip balm.  Somehow this managed to smell even more divine than the first item, and had a wonderful rich pinky color. IMG_7156 Handmade Bath Goodies Here at Fair Ivy we are suckers for coconuts. Give us a whole coconut and a hammer and we’ll spend all afternoon monkeying around trying to get into it.  Luckily we can get our quick fix now with this Coconut Lip Scrubbie.  It’s great to smooth out rough lips….plus it’s 100% edible, so can double as an afternoon snack. IMG_7155 IMG_7258 This semi-mysterious “Jojoba Cube”  has a lovely scent of Enchanting Garden (soft Apricot Blossom, Blue Iris, and Lily of the Valley), and it uses Golden Jojoba Oil as the main active ingredient, making it a wonderful anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and extra moisturizing agent. Plus—inside the cube there are also tons of jojoba beads for gentle skin exfoliation.  IMG_7190 IMG_7196 IMG_7193 IMG_7217 IMG_7329 IMG_7147 The artist’s info card reads: Butter Toki was opened on January 2014 after a long 5 year journey of experimenting and working with the best ingredients suited for the skin.  We truly focus on the art of handmaking products, putting attention to detail on every product made.  Each day, we work hard to complete orders and work on new and exciting items for the Butter Toki customer.  We make sure we truly love every aspect of the products before putting them out in the shop.  We love working with fun and quirky scents while keeping those extra nourishing ingredients as our main focus in all our products, from perfumes to whipped soap and everything in between. Handmade Bath Goodies We loved this bath product set from Butter Toki from start to finish and hope you did too!  If you missed out on it and would like to swing by her shop to grab some of her lovely products, head on over here!