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Handmade Stationery – Watercolor Designs

Handmade Stationery - Watercolor Designs We just love a good, handmade stationery set….so of course we scheduled some as early as possible this year!  And we love watercolor designs, so it was a no brainer to choose this handmade watercolor stationery set, put together by Rachelle Levingston just for Fair Ivy. It included a wonderful collection, including a watercolor owl, watercolor sunflower, watercolor rabbit, watercolor hummingbird, and watercolor robin. Let’s delve right in! IMG_4748 Opening a fair ivy package What’s inside?  It’s always a big surprise to our monthly subscribers—who don’t know if it’s going to be jewelry, bath products, something edible….who knows! Watercolor stationery IMG_4764 Fair Ivy information card Outside of every Fair Ivy surprise there is a little note from us, explaining what Fair Ivy is and the fact that this is, in fact, one of the surprises.  Since each surprise is sent from a different artist, with different packaging from a different place around the country, it could be rather hard to tell otherwise, ya know? IMG_4767 Aren’t these handmade stationery watercolor designs fabulous?  It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite is either the watercolor owl or the watercolor rabbit.  But the watercolor sunflower and watercolor hummingbird is so lovely too! Handmade Stationery - Watercolor Owl, watercolor sunflower Handmade Stationery - Watercolor Owl Handmade Stationery - Watercolor Rabbit Watercolor Hummingbird Stationery IMG_4799 IMG_4772 The full artist’s info card reads: “Although I was college educated in art and received additional training with masterful teachers, I am largely self-taught.  When I first started painting, I thought all my watercolor marks had to be smooth and perfect.  Now I purposely let the paints dictate the outcome.   Watercolors are an interesting medium where the ratio of water to paint as well as the timing of when you add them to the paper can yield unexpected results.  The artists I admire have lost edges and areas that are undeveloped.  I think this is a great metaphor for life…not everything has to be perfect, defined, controlled and neat.   Sometimes my artwork comes together magically, each brushstroke complimenting the piece.  Other times it takes scrubbing, lifting, scratching or redrawing to get successful results. My paintings evolve in many ways…a walk to sketch birds, a hike to paint a landscape, or just playing with colors.  When an idea strikes, I’m impatient to get it to paper.  A single detail may drive the painting and then appear effortlessly  from my brush.  And now I am venturing to acrylics.  I am humbled.  I get to do what I love.  Painting is purse indulgence for me and sharing it with others makes it even more amazing.  Please let me know if your art arrived safely and if there are any problems.  Thanks so much for choosing my art to go in your home.” Handmade Stationery - Watercolor Rabbit, Watercolor Sunflower The full stationery set included prints of 5 different original watercolor paintings (2 of each print). Missed out on this gorgeous surprise stationery gift in April but still want to purchase some? Head on over to Rachelle Levingston’s Etsy page to pick up a set, or buy individual prints like just the watercolor owl or just the watercolor rabbit! Want to sign up to receive monthly surprises from Fair Ivy, just like this lovely handmade stationery set? surprises-handmade-monthly
Handmade products Surprises

Handmade silver tube bracelet

Handmade silver tube bracelet This past wonderful month of April brought a rarity to the Fair Ivy jewelry scene—a handmade bracelet (we usually focus on necklaces and earrings, but we’ve had so many requests for a bracelet we had to comply)! This handmade silver tube bracelet was made just for Fair Ivy subscribers by Little Things Happen.  This is her first Fair Ivy feature, and we really enjoyed having her on board! Fair Ivy sends unique handmade packages in the mail every month! Fair Ivy sends unique handmade packages in the mail every month! Her shipping box packaging is probably the most lovingly created we’ve ever come across—we’ve had really lovely gift wrapping INSIDE the shipping box, but this is a new frontier in cute gift wrapping and adorable packages in the mail.  Let’s open it up and see if the trend continues… Handmade letter opener (Fair Ivy) Handmade letter opener (Fair Ivy) ….yes, we do have a handmade letter opener with Fair Ivy inscribed on it.  It was a gift (awhile ago), and we love it!  We use it on all our letters and packages. LIttle Things Happen - Handmade gift from fair ivy IMG_1578 IMG_1566 Upcycled packaging style IMG_1586 Little Things Happen did not disappoint with the wonderful gift wrap on the inside of the handmade silver tube bracelet package.  Every piece of the packaging was upcycled/recycled, so it was a very eco-friendly gift to receive.  Who would have thought that simple yarn would look so darn cute? IMG_1574 Yarn as ribbon for gift wrap Cute wrapped box IMG_1594 IMG_1598 Handmade silver tube bracelet IMG_1601 IMG_1602 We absolutely loved this bracelet, since it works so well for an everyday outfit or for an evening on the town. It was wonderfully delicate and reflects the light so nicely off the silver tube!  The tube itself is made from gorgeous german silver, and even the chain and findings are all silver filled—so the shine will last! We also loved how Little Things Happen took care of every single detail of the entire surprise gift package experience, down to the cardstock polka dots on the back of the bracelet card. And here’s a closer look at the Artist’s Card from Little Things Happen: Artist's Card Little Things Happen Artist's Card Little Things Happen The text reads: “Little Things Happen is a small jewelry and accessory business based out of Torrance, CA.  Each lovely item is designed and hand-crafted with love by the do-it-all owner, Loren Harada! Beautiful button earrings, lovely gemstone necklaces, wire wrapped bracelets, handmade hair clips and more are all craftily wrapped and packaged throughout the world year round!  With a huge range of materials and styles, there’s something special for everyone! “ Popular blogger Ilene from Much Love, Illy also receive one of Little Things Happen’s bracelets and took some lovely photos: 14105473811_203e04ebfa_b 13922098340_abe878bf19_b 13922105568_7864c9b98b_b Want to snag one of these lovely handmade silver tube bracelets for yourself?  Head on over to Little Things Happen’s shop on Etsy!
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Gourmet Gummy Bears

Gourmet Gummy Bears Amy from A Sweet Delivery was generous enough to send me a sample of one of her wonderfully gift-wrapped treats—gourmet gummy bears !  They were so so cute, and deliciously soft and sweet with just a hint of sourness. Gourmet Gummy Bears Gourmet Gummy Bears Handmade Gourmet Gummie Bears Handmade Gourmet Gummie Bears Gourmet Gummy Bears I went a little kookoo taking photos of these gummies, but I couldn’t help it—the color were just so perfect.  Luckily it was a decently big box—after each photo I couldn’t help but devour one! I am sad I didn’t think to take photos of the box beforehand, as it was in a really cute container that would make the perfect size for a gift! A Sweet Delivery was created as a sweet, stylish gift alternative to flowers and fruit baskets. They do all sorts of wonderful candy boxes, so definitely check them out here:  asweetdelivery.com