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The Plant Recipe Book (note: not for eating)

The Plant Recipe Book I was lucky enough to receive an early release of Baylor Chapman’s The Plant Recipe Book, and boy was it enjoyed around my house! We are a household of succulent-lovers as well as upcyclers—so all the wonderful arrangements in this book were spot on. With a selection of plants, a lovely dish or pot from the local thrift store or yard sale….plus a little bit of love, a fancy table arrangement á la Sunset Magazine can be yours! 58-59_Asparagus Fern Recipe 3 Ingredients 2 49_Aloe Recipe 2_FINAL 95_Euphorbia Recipe 1 83_Echeveria Recipe 1_FINAL

Credit for ALL photos: Excerpted from The Plant Recipe Book by Baylor Chapman (Artisan Books). Copyright (c) 2014. Photographs by Paige Green.

All of the 100 “recipes” (this slightly confused some of my friends into thinking they could eat the contents, but which was quickly clarified) are made with live plants, so the arrangements stay fresh for as long as you care for them.  I love the breakdown pages where it shows you the individual “ingredients” for each arrangement. Overall it was a very cool book to review, and it has already seen a lot of traffic from its place on my coffee table (next to some succulent arrangements, no less)!

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Gold Dome Earrings

Handmade gold & silver dome earrings March brought our handmade gift subscription participants some absolutely wonderful, delicate earrings—made by Virginia Wynne Jewelry!  These handmade gold dome earrings were created at a size just for our subscribers, and were definitely a big fan favorite. Cute gift wrapping for handmade gift Cute gift wrapping for handmade gift Artists card for Fair Ivy Artists card for Fair Ivy As always, we loved the handmade gift wrapping, as well as learning about the artist in her info card!  The text reads: “These collections of elegant jewelry are hand made by Virginia Wynne in a small studio in Baltimore, Maryland.  Virginia Wynne is a Louisiana native and graduate of the distinguished Savannah College of Art and Design.  Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, each piece is individually handcrafted.  The studs are hand cut out of sheet metal, shaped, and then a thin layer of 23K gold used inside the dome with a technique called Keum-Boo. You can find more of Virginia Wynne jewelry on Etsy!  Coupon code for 10% off: Surprise10″ Virginia Wynne handmade jewelry Virginia Wynne handmade jewelry Handmade gold and silver dome earrings Handmade gold dome earrings Handmade gold dome earrings Handmade gold dome earrings  Handmade gold dome earrings Handmade gold and silver dome earrings Virginia Wynne handmade jewelry We had absolutely wonderful feedback on this monthly surprise gift and will surely feature Virginia Wynne again in the future! Interested in picking up a pair of these wonderful handmade gold dome earrings?  Head on over to Virginia Wynne’s Etsy shop!
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Partly Sunny Tea Towel

Unique handmade tea towel


March brought our Duet subscribers a fantastic unique handmade tea towel from Wit and Whistle, dubbed the “Partly Sunny Tea Towel”. This flour sack tea towel is silk-screened with a hand drawn design, and the wonderful material gets softer and more absorbent with every use.  We love it!

Unique cute gift packaging from Fair Ivy

Unique cute gift packaging from Fair Ivy

We really enjoyed the unwrapping experience for this unique handmade tea towel—it felt very organic and packaged with a lot of love!  We got a little photo-happy with the unwrapping process…


IMG_1068 IMG_1069









Fair Ivy Artist's Info card

In case it’s hard to read, the Artist’s info card says: “I’m Amanda Wright, the girl behind Wit & Whistle!  Wit & Whistle offers witty greeting cards and whistle worthy paper and home goods—all designed and illustrated by me.   Inside this package you’ll find one of my screen printed tea towels.  These are my favorite kitchen towels ever.  They’re huge, and they get softer and more absorbent with every use. I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! Please come visit me at to shop or to browse my blog, where I share glimpses behind the scenes at Wit & Whistle and lots of creative inspiration.” 

Design Handmade tea towel

Design Handmade tea towel

Organic handmade packaging

Cute hello tag in succulent planter

This was one of our most well-received handmade surprise gifts yet!  Definitely head on over to Wit & Whistle’s shop, as well as take a look at her crafty blog for some wonderful inspiration!  
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Giveaway: Handmade gold heart dangle earrings!

Handmade gold heart dangle earrings We’ve been lucky enough to pair up with handmade artist VenaDiAmore, who is offering these wonderful handmade gold heart dangle earrings as a prize to one lucky winner! To enter, simply share this blog post on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest using the buttons below, and then comment letting us know you did! Winner announced Friday April 11th via this blog—so be sure to sign up for updates in the sidebar —>