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Handmade product photography: Tips!

Handmade product photography Tips from Fair IvyFor people who hand-make products, putting your best foot forward in product photographs can make all the difference in an potential customer’s decision.  Here’s our little guide to simple, inexpensive, and beautiful handmade product photography.

Get that perfect photo!

Handmade Product Photography:

  1. Products generally stand out better if your background is not too distracting.  Simple textures on the floor (e.g. a nice wood  table, bricks, a tablecloth) work really well.  You don’t need to try and be crazy unique with your background. Handmade Product Photography : from Fair Ivy
  2. Take your photos in an area with indirect natural light.  If you are outside and you look at the floor and your shadow is really faint or not there at all, it’s the perfect time.  An overcast day, just after dawn or just before dusk usually work well.
  3. If your item is rather simple (like a bar of soap), think of adding a small garnish to spice it up.  For soap, use one of the ingredients—for example, we sat the Oatmeal honey soap from our February surprises down on some actual Oatmeal:Handmade Product Photography : from Fair Ivy
  4. Take a bunch of photos, in all different locations.  Do some close-ups, straight-ons, as well as some crazy angles and further-away shots.  You may be surprised what ends up looking the nicest. Handmade Product Photography : from Fair Ivy
  5.  Do a little bit of post-editing in a photo program.  This doesn’t have to involve monster Photoshopping skills.  On a Mac, open the image in Preview, go to Tools>Adjust Color.  Try increasing the exposure just a tad (to the right) and pushing the Saturation a tiny bit to the right as well.  If there are a lot of shadows in your image, try moving the Shadows bar to the right a bit.  This might not work for every photo, so play around with these settings a bit.  IMG_7434-2
  6. Be sure to crop your photo so that the product is the center of attention.  Crop out any messy background distractions.
  7. Voila!
Want some help with a particular photo?  We’d love to give you pointers or make quick little edits!  Email : for help! Ps. We have some other lovely examples of handmade product photography over on one of our Pinterest boards: check it out here!
Handmade products Surprises

Handmade summer tea surprise

Summertime….living’s easy!  We thought that nothing could be a better pairing with our other unique handmade gifts sent in July than this artisan berry handmade summer tea from Flying Bird Botanicals.

Handmade summer tea : One of Fair Ivy's handmade gift boxes this summer!


Appropriately dubbed “Old Town Berry”, this lovely flavor sensation is a citrus berry tea hand mixed without any flavor enhancers or sweeteners—it’s all natural, baby!  All the ingredients are harvested by the hand-maker from local small organic farms and her own market garden.

Handmade summer tea : One of Fair Ivy's handmade gift boxes this summer!

It’s great as a summer tea or winter tea, either hot or cold.  The fresh organic ingredients include: organic lemon grass, organic raspberry leaf, organic hibiscus, organic elder berry, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, organic rose hips (we had to look this one up—apparently it’s the fruit that comes off of a rose plant!), and organic stevia.

Handmade summer tea : One of Fair Ivy's handmade gift boxes this summer!


The artists info card gave some great suggestions for how to enjoy this gorgeous tea.  It reads:

“At Flying Bird Botanicals we are passionate about crafting delicious and nourishing artisan teas.  Enjoy this delightfully sweet and tangy berry blend over ice in a tall summer tumbler for a quiet moment of sunny peace.  Share a glass with a friend in the spirit of summertime fun.”

Artisan  tea - artist information card Not subscribed to our surprise gift boxes but still looking to partake in some lovely handmade summer tea?  Check out Flying Bird Botanicals’ shop!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

PS. Want to receive lovely handmade and hand-wrapped gifts like this in the mail every month?  Check out our handmade surprise subscription options: subscribe-button2
Handmade products Surprises

Hammered silver necklace surprise

Here at Fair Ivy we adore hammered jewelry, so we couldn’t resist featuring this lovely hammered silver necklace (sterling silver!) in the shape of a loop as one of our handmade surprise gifts in July.

Hammered silver necklace - from Fair Ivy

Hammered silver necklace - from Fair Ivy

Made by Grey Goose Gifts, a regular handmade artist here on Fair Ivy (because we love her handmade products so much!), this gorgeous hammered silver necklace was lovingly wrapped and mailed to our surprise subscribers in July.  A dainty yet noticeable handmade jewelry item made of sterling silver, we like to wear it both as an everyday accent as well as with an elegant dress on evening outings! Hammered Silver Necklace - cute handmade packaging Visit Grey Goose Gift’s shop for this and other fantastic handmade jewelry items by clicking here.