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Subscription surprises for women!

Did you know?  Fair Ivy was actually conceived of during a “wouldn’t-it-be-nice” session! Lucy Fairweather, the soon-to-be owner of Fair Ivy, was having coffee with a friend one afternoon, when they began to lament about the lack of surprise mail they’d received since graduating college.  They used to receive random care packages from mom and other friends around the country, and the fun of opening a complete surprise package was like nothing else! One discussion led to another, and soon the idea behind Fair Ivy was born.  In 2008, the company began as a hobby, where each surprise package sent out (to friends and family at first) was themed.  Themes included “It’s not Easy Being Green” and “Beyond the Sea”.  It was cheesy, but everyone loved it!  They said they were the best subscription surprises for women they’d ever been a part of. This encouraged expansion to new types of surprises and eventually the concept was whittled down to include only handmade surprises.  This decision made sense—customers preferred feeling connected with the artists, Lucy enjoyed working with the handmade artists more than bulk item companies, and of course the items themselves were unique, high quality, and lovely.

Today: Now the best subscription surprises for women

Both customers, bloggers (we have tons of awesome reviews!), and list-makers (who make the “Best Subscription Surprises for Women” lists) agree that Fair Ivy tops the market for handmade surprise gifts. Check out a few of the types of handmade items we send: Fair ivy: Best Subscription Surprises For Women   Each gift is hand-wrapped, handmade, and includes details about the artist—such as where they learnt their craft, what inspired them to create the piece, or what they like to do for fun.  This little touch helps customers feel like the gift was lovingly made by a close friend.   We hope to see you on our surprise recipient list soon!