Pretty packaging in a row

Unique Gift Idea Women Christmas

I love the unique way each surprise gift is wrapped.  If I could take photos of them all day I would!  Hate the idea of wrapping all your Christmas gifts?  How about getting a fair ivy subscription for the women in your life—we do all the wrapping for you!

Handmade love #3

I’m loving these fantastic artisan magnets by Uncommon Handmade.  They would make such unique gifts!

I don’t know if it was meant to look like this, but I’m reading the above picture as a message: “I love bacon”…or maybe “I forkin’ love bacon”.

View these and other fantastic items here.

Handmade lace doily purse

Handmade lace doily purse

This timeless purse was created just for Fair Ivy by Amaya Handmade in Australia.  She paired a soft natural linen as the base with a vintage doily, and topped the whole thing off with a whimsical red polka-dot lining.   And we love the result!

Handmade lace doily purse

Handmade lace doily purse

Handmade lace doily purse

Handmade love #2

Just a few handmade items that I am loving right now.

This gorgeous crocheted circle scarf by ThatGirlCrochet.  I love the color too—mint green feels so fresh and light.

This awesome African-print pink pillow by Azvka

Taxidermy deer plushie

This “fauxidermy” plushie deer by Skunkboy Creatures. The fabric inside his ears is just too cute for words!