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Natural vegan soap

In April, we were lucky enough to receive some samples of Marvi Beauty‘s natural vegan soap. It was wrapped amazingly, smelled great, and felt wonderful on the skin.  Overall, we give it a gigantic thumbs up. Check out our photos! Natural vegan soap How adorable is this handwritten shipping label? Natural vegan soap Natural vegan soap Natural vegan soap We found the packaging so fun and whimsical.  It felt like getting a piece of candy—but one that wouldn’t cause any regret! Natural vegan soap Their artist info card read: Marvi Beauty is a mother-daughter owned skin and hair care company with 100% natural products crafted by hand in small batches.  All our products are made from high quality ingredients that combine with essential antioxidants and vitamins found in nature to enhance and redefine beauty.  Some of our recipes have been passed down to us from past generations, while experimenting with new materials and ideas help us create others. Marvi means Beauty Redefined, which has become the heart and soul of our entire company.  We are always working and redefining our products, making changes where necessary.  We create all of our own original recipes and packaging, and manufacture all product ourselves.   Niss & Annie Ali Natural vegan soap Natural vegan soap We absolutely loved everything about this! To head on over to their store and grab some of their beauty products for yourself, click here.  Their soap page is this one. Thank you so much again Marvi Beauty!

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