Amerisleep Mattress Coupons And Promo Codes

Get $250 Off With AmeriSleep Mattress Coupons And Promo Codes

Get $250 Off With AmeriSleep Mattress Coupons And Promo Codes


  • Click review code to see $200 discount code.
  • Copy code then click on “Get Deal”
  • The link will take you to the Amerisleep page where it will retrieve your $50 discount.
  • Select your mattress and enter the $200 code above at checkout. For a total discount of $250.

Use our Amerisleep coupons to save a total of $250 on your mattress purchase. In order to get the deal, customers will need to use the link provided above to get the initial $50 off, then enter the code provided above to get the additional $200. When used together, the customer gets a $250 discount on their Amerisleep mattress. That is one of the biggest discounts available in the mattress industry.

About The Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep has quickly become one of the biggest names in the mattress industry. They provide a number of different bed styles that have helped sleepers all over the US. They use unique materials and building techniques to provide a sleep that is comfortable, supportive, and cool. Make sure to read this Amerisleep Colonial mattress review if you are interested in learning more. They are so confident in their bed that they offer a 100 night sleep trial that is completely stress free.

Help Spread The Word About Amerisleep

After combining our Amerisleep discount and the 100 night sleep trial, its a no brainer to give this bed a try. I am guessing you will be impressed with your new quality of sleep. Make sure you let your friends know about the Amerisleep mattress and get them hooked up with our $250 discount. Good friends don’t let friends sleep on bad mattresses.

Subscription Hiatus Update

Hi everyone!
It’s been awhile since we updated our followers on the subscription hiatus. As of now, we still don’t have a start date in mind—but we are working on re-vamping the website, so we will be starting back up again.

In terms of what will be changing, we’re thinking of switching the subscription up a bit. Before we went on hiatus, you could subscribe to a single subscription that sent a surprise item every month. It would alternate between a jewelry item and a home goods item.

Going forwards, it looks like we’re going to split this subscription up. There will be two subscriptions to choose from, and each will send one item every other month. One subscription will only send jewelry items, and the other will only send home goods items. They’ll be shipping in alternate months—so if you want to have things just the way they were before the hiatus, you can subscribe to both subscriptions and still receive an item every month (one from jewelry, then one from home goods, then jewelry, etc).

We’re hoping this will allow for more options, as we’ve heard from lots of people that they prefer either jewelry or home goods. It will also allow us on this end to be able to schedule our items better—we can now have a different number of people in each subscription, whereas before we’d have to send to the same number of people for jewelry and home goods.

Again—we aren’t sure when this will start up again, but it should be sometime in 2017!

Definitely comment with any questions, and we look forward to starting things up again!

Fair Ivy Owner

Takl App Promo Code

Takl is a home services app that helps you with house work, or most kinds of chores! Get 10% off your first Takl booking when you use the Takl App promo code 14F7B.

Why Are You Talking about Takl?

Takl has been a really great way to keep both my home and my office space clean. They have wonderful cleaning people on the app, as well as handymen in case you have any other issues you need help with. A clear workspace is a productive workspace. Having things professionally tidied twice a month helps me keep my Fair Ivy ducks in a row.

Visit to try it out.

Takl App Promo Code

The best time to do that really complex project you’ve been thinking of doing is perhaps the first time you use the Takl app. This is because you can get 10% off your first Takl booking—but only on your first order. And there isn’t a limit to the 10% off—so even if your booking costs $1000, you can still get 10% (or $100) off.

Use the Takl App Promo Code 14F7B for 10% off your booking.

Takl App Promo Code: Get 10% off with the Takl promo code 14F7B

Takl App Locations

Takl is expanding super rapidly, so I’m sure as soon as I publish this post it will have opened somewhere new. But the best way to figure out where they service is to check their website. For now, I know the Takl app has providers that service the following areas:

  • Arizona
    • Phoenix
  • Georgia
    • Atlanta
  • North Carolina
    • Charlotte
  • Florida
    • Tampa
    • Miami
  • Tennessee
    • Nashville
    • Chattanooga
  •  Texas
    • Houston
    • Dallas
  •  California
    • Los Angeles
    • Sacramento
    • San Francisco

If your city isn’t on there, keep checking their website or sign up for their newsletter. They’ll be there soon, I’m sure!

Berry Bowl Dessert Set

November’s surprise has arrived and we think you’ll be thrilled with it just like we are. If you’ve been looking for that perfect piece to add a splash of color while entertaining your friends or just want to add a bit of charm to your afternoon snack, we think this berry bowl will do the trick.



Like most of the Fair Ivy items, this piece was designed just for our subscribers. This handmade pottery is sculpted from white stoneware and fired with a food safe glaze. A stamped texture adds extra detail and has been carefully applied to each piece by hand.

berry bowl

Completing this sweet little berry bowl set is a matching scoop. The scoop also features a hand stamped texture and is sized just right. We admit that this piece is great for special occasions but are thrilled that it is dishwasher safe and truly designed for everyday use.


The hands behind this ceramic bowl belong to Natalia Martinez, owner and artist at Misfit Dynamo. Her pieces are all handmade and created in small batches so that each detail can be carefully crafted. Her shop is filled with beautiful pieces of ceramic ware designed to bring warmth and charm to your everyday life.


If you’d like to see more of Natalia’s work or shop for some great pieces to compliment your berry bowl, be sure to visit her at If you are a Fair Ivy subscriber, there is also a special discount on this month’s artist card.

UrthBox Coupon Code

We may receive a commission when you click on one of our links and make a purchase.

UrthBox is a monthly healthy snack box. Click here to get $10 off your first month!

UrthBox Coupon Code

You can get $10 off your first month of healthy snacks when you sign up with this link. The discount link works by automatically applying an UrthBox Coupon Code to your cart. You’ll see the  $10 discount code on the left hand side at checkout.

What is UrthBox? Get $10 off with this UrthBox Coupon Code link

What is UrthBox?

UrthBox sends a package of monthly snacks to your doorstep every month. The cost and sizes vary, but shipping is free to the USA for all boxes.

Box Sizes

There are a variety of sizes to choose from. Their smallest box, the Mini, is only $12.99 per month. You get at least 6 snacks in that box each month, but usually more.

The next size up is the Small. It costs $19.99 monthly, and delivers at least 12 snacks per month.

If you really love snacks, you might want to go with the Medium. It costs $29.99 a month, and sends you a whopping 18 snacks per month, or more.

Lastly, they have the Large. It will set you back $39.99 per month, but in exchange you’ll get 25 snacks or more! We really like the concept of this size as a small office subscription. Just put the goodies out in the office kitchen each month, and keep your employees both happy and healthy.

But! They also have a giant office subscription, for $199/month. You get at least 100 FULL-SIZED products each month. Say what?!

Diet Options

What we love most about UrthBox is the variety of diet options they have. You can choose between: Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, or Diet (weight watching).

UrthBox Promo Code

Don’t forget to sign up for UrthBox with this link. It will attach the current best UrthBox promo code to your shopping cart (currently $10)!

UrthBox Promo Code: Get $10 off with our discount sale code

Infinity Scarf {The Rosemary Subscription}

Inspired by nature and screen printed with an original design, our Rosemary subscribers are in for a treat this month.  This month brings a soft and cozy infinity scarf, made from an organic cotton and bamboo blend that you can’t help but touch. Let’s take a look at the Rosemary subscription!

monthly gift box

gift subscription

handmade scarf

The printed scarf sent to Fair Ivy members is printed with an aqua ink that was mixed exclusively for us and is decorated with succulent plants. Long enough to loop twice and with a lightweight fabric, the scarf from Flytrap Clothing is breezy and an easy add on to any outfit in your closet. The extra width allows this scarf to be easily draped and for those with little ones, it is wide enough to double as a nursing scarf.

infinity scarf

nursing scarf

Based in North Carolina, the clothing and accessories at Flytrap Clothing are all made in the USA and designed by owner Jody Cedzidlo. Flytrap Clothing offers hand printed scarves, men’s and women’s clothing at select boutiques across the US and on their website, Drop by to see all of their items and find out more about their process.

cotton infinity scarf

printed infinity scarf