Handmade Floral Scarf

Handmade Floral Scarf - one of the surprise gifts that get sent monthly from fairivy.com!

In June, subscribers received a gorgeous floaty handmade floral scarf just in time for summer fashion!  Made by TingLisa, this was our first surprise scarf in a really long time and our first-ever summer scarf!

Shall we open up the package?  Let’s go!







We always love cute handmade stickers or tags.  It really just drives that handmade feeling home!  And that sparkly paper?  Too cute!



Handmade Floral Scarf - one of the surprise gifts that get sent monthly from fairivy.com!


TingLisa’s artist info card reads:

My name is Ting Ting, full time MIT employee, part time Etsy shop owner.  I grew up in an artist house, where my grandfather was an architect; my aunt is a music conductor.  Upon their influence I started making crafts since elementary school, won a few awards in the school district.  When I became adult, I developed tremendous interest in beading and jewelry designing, made a lot of jewelries for friends and coworkers as wedding gifts.  Lately, I shifted my focus into designing fabulous and stylish women’s fashion items.

At TingLisa, I strive to create fun, vibrant, unique and functional fashion accessories.  This month I am very excited to present my newest product—the Cutest Floral Print Scarf.  This light weight scarf is super soft!  It hugs your neck with the gentlest touch and incredible amount of happiness.  I chose this floral print because it is perfect for warmer sunny days, and I designed the scarf wide enough to be worn as a shawl and long enough to tie around your neck twice as an infinity scarf, to create a versatile look.  To see more of my unique creations, please stop by my Etsy store.  Happy Summer!

Handmade Floral Scarf - surprise in the mail from Fair Ivy

Handmade Floral Scarf - surprise in the mail from Fair Ivy

Handmade Floral Scarf - surprise in the mail from Fair Ivy

Handmade Floral Scarf - surprise in the mail from Fair Ivy

Handmade Floral Scarf - surprise in the mail from Fair Ivy

Handmade Floral Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Floral Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Floral Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Floral Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Floral Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Flower Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Flower Scarf - Fair Ivy surprise gift

Handmade Summer Scarf Print - one of Fair Ivy's monthly gifts they mail out!

It’s hard to express in photos just how soft and lovely this scarf is.

So we suggest scooping one up to see—if you weren’t a subscriber in June, head on over to TingLisa to pick one up yourself!

Handmade Silver Pinecone Necklace


This June, our subscribers received a lovely dainty handmade silver pinecone necklace from Song Yee Designs.

Shall we open it up?  Let’s begin with the shipping envelope (A little Did You Know for those of you who aren’t current subscribers: Every surprise comes from a different artist each month, so the way they are shipped and packaged is always different!  That’s why we always show the shipping box/baggie, so you can see how even the way it arrives is a surprise!):





Song Yee’s info card reads:

“Hello! My name is Song Yee and I started making jewelry for myself just for fun, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to open my online shop in April 2013.  Song Yee Designs is based out of Costa Mesa, CA and features a handmade collection of minimalist and gemstone jewelry.”






Cute natural gift wrapping

Cute natural gift wrapping - Fair Ivy

Natural gift packaging from Fair Ivy





Handmade Silver Pinecone Necklace

Handmade Silver Pinecone Necklace

Handmade Silver Pinecone Necklace


We absolutely adored this addition to the Fair Ivy surprise jewelry collection and heard from a lot of you (and bloggers!) that you guys did too!  And we loved how the packaging even resembled the nature-inspired design! So rest assured—you’ll be seeing a lot more of Song Yee’s wonderful designs in our surprises in the future!

Have a wonderful surprise-filled week!

– the Fair Ivy team

Butter Toki : Handmade Bath Goodies

Handmade bath goodies

There was a time back in Fair Ivy’s history where we sent a new bath product every month.  Since then, we’ve gone a bit more of a variety route, but in May we decided it was time to revisit some handmade bath goodies with a lovely set from Butter Toki.

Let’s dive in and open ‘er up!






We absolutely loved the colors of the branding as well as the wrapping inside.  Very fun and upbeat!







The first product we found was a Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Butter.  It smells absolutely amazing and is a really sizable amount!




The second goodie we discovered was a Juicy Cherry lip balm.  Somehow this managed to smell even more divine than the first item, and had a wonderful rich pinky color.


Handmade Bath Goodies

Here at Fair Ivy we are suckers for coconuts. Give us a whole coconut and a hammer and we’ll spend all afternoon monkeying around trying to get into it.  Luckily we can get our quick fix now with this Coconut Lip Scrubbie.  It’s great to smooth out rough lips….plus it’s 100% edible, so can double as an afternoon snack.



This semi-mysterious “Jojoba Cube”  has a lovely scent of Enchanting Garden (soft Apricot Blossom, Blue Iris, and Lily of the Valley), and it uses Golden Jojoba Oil as the main active ingredient, making it a wonderful anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, and extra moisturizing agent. Plus—inside the cube there are also tons of jojoba beads for gentle skin exfoliation. 







The artist’s info card reads:

Butter Toki was opened on January 2014 after a long 5 year journey of experimenting and working with the best ingredients suited for the skin.  We truly focus on the art of handmaking products, putting attention to detail on every product made.  Each day, we work hard to complete orders and work on new and exciting items for the Butter Toki customer.  We make sure we truly love every aspect of the products before putting them out in the shop.  We love working with fun and quirky scents while keeping those extra nourishing ingredients as our main focus in all our products, from perfumes to whipped soap and everything in between.

Handmade Bath Goodies

We loved this bath product set from Butter Toki from start to finish and hope you did too!  If you missed out on it and would like to swing by her shop to grab some of her lovely products, head on over here!

Handmade Gold Nugget Necklace

Handmade gold nugget necklace

In May (our last month before our big hiatus), subscribers received this handmade gold nugget necklace from Polished Podge as one of their unique handmade surprises!  We adored it, and heard wonderful things back from our customers as well.

Let’s dive right in to opening one!





IMG_6984    IMG_6982

We love the branding on this little package—from the ribbon, flower to even the branded sticker and little insert!  Plus, who doesn’t love to know exactly where things are made?

Goody—we get to open a second box!





Handmade gold nugget necklace

Handmade gold nugget necklace

The big reveal:  this gold nugget necklace was so shiny and exciting, unwrapping the box felt like opening a treasure chest!


The little artist’s info card reads:

This surprise gift has been handmade and delivered to you by Natalie Peters of Polished Podge.  Natalie began her adventures in creating jewelry as a child.  Much later in life with her home overflowing with jewels and findings, Natalie opened up the Polished Podge shop on Etsy in 2012.  She is delighted to be a featured artist with Fair Ivy.

This handmade simple gold necklace was created especially for you.  These golden nuggets hang delicately from a 14k gold filled chain.  Simple and elegant, this necklace adds a touch of sparkle to your everyday wear.  Natalie hopes you enjoy wearing this piece as much as she enjoyed its creation!



IMG_7033     IMG_7049-Edit-Edit

Handmade gold nugget necklace

We hope you enjoyed your jewelry surprise in May, and if you didn’t get a chance to get one—head on over to Polished Podge’s Etsy site to pick one up now!



Watercolor Stationery


We just love a good, handmade stationery set….so of course we scheduled some as early as possible this year!  This watercolor stationery Spring set was put together by Rachelle Levingston just for Fair Ivy, and included a wonderful collection of birds, flowers and animals.

Let’s delve right in!


Opening a fair ivy package

What’s inside?  It’s always a big surprise to our monthly subscribers—who don’t know if it’s going to be jewelry, bath products, something edible….who knows!

Watercolor stationery


Fair Ivy information card

Outside of every Fair Ivy surprise there is a little note from us, explaining what Fair Ivy is and the fact that this is, in fact, one of the surprises.  Since each surprise is sent from a different artist, with different packaging from a different place around the country, it could be rather hard to tell otherwise, ya know?








The full artist’s info card reads:

“Although I was college educated in art and received additional training with masterful teachers, I am largely self-taught.  When I first started painting, I thought all my watercolor marks had to be smooth and perfect.  Now I purposely let the paints dictate the outcome.  

Watercolors are an interesting medium where the ratio of water to paint as well as the timing of when you add them to the paper can yield unexpected results.  The artists I admire have lost edges and areas that are undeveloped.  I think this is a great metaphor for life…not everything has to be perfect, defined, controlled and neat.  

Sometimes my artwork comes together magically, each brushstroke complimenting the piece.  Other times it takes scrubbing, lifting, scratching or redrawing to get successful results. My paintings evolve in many ways…a walk to sketch birds, a hike to paint a landscape, or just playing with colors.  When an idea strikes, I’m impatient to get it to paper.  A single detail may drive the painting and then appear effortlessly  from my brush.  And now I am venturing to acrylics.  I am humbled.  I get to do what I love.  Painting is purse indulgence for me and sharing it with others makes it even more amazing.  Please let me know if your art arrived safely and if there are any problems.  Thanks so much for choosing my art to go in your home.”


The full stationery set included prints of 5 different original watercolor paintings (2 of each print).  Our favorite was the hummingbird and the owl!

Missed out on this gorgeous surprise stationery gift in April but still want to purchase some? Head on over to Rachelle Levingston’s Etsy page to pick up a set!


Handmade silver tube bracelet

Handmade silver tube bracelet

This past wonderful month of April brought a rarity to the Fair Ivy jewelry scene—a handmade bracelet (we usually focus on necklaces and earrings, but we’ve had so many requests for a bracelet we had to comply)!

This handmade silver tube bracelet was made just for Fair Ivy subscribers by Little Things Happen.  This is her first Fair Ivy feature, and we really enjoyed having her on board!

Fair Ivy sends unique handmade packages in the mail every month!

Fair Ivy sends unique handmade packages in the mail every month!

Her shipping box packaging is probably the most lovingly created we’ve ever come across—we’ve had really lovely gift wrapping INSIDE the shipping box, but this is a new frontier in cute gift wrapping and adorable packages in the mail.  Let’s open it up and see if the trend continues…

Handmade letter opener (Fair Ivy)

Handmade letter opener (Fair Ivy)

….yes, we do have a handmade letter opener with Fair Ivy inscribed on it.  It was a gift (awhile ago), and we love it!  We use it on all our letters and packages.

LIttle Things Happen - Handmade gift from fair ivy



Upcycled packaging style


Little Things Happen did not disappoint with the wonderful gift wrap on the inside of the handmade silver tube bracelet package.  Every piece of the packaging was upcycled/recycled, so it was a very eco-friendly gift to receive.  Who would have thought that simple yarn would look so darn cute?


Yarn as ribbon for gift wrap

Cute wrapped box



Handmade silver tube bracelet



We absolutely loved this bracelet, since it works so well for an everyday outfit or for an evening on the town. It was wonderfully delicate and reflects the light so nicely off the silver tube!  The tube itself is made from gorgeous german silver, and even the chain and findings are all silver filled—so the shine will last!

We also loved how Little Things Happen took care of every single detail of the entire surprise gift package experience, down to the cardstock polka dots on the back of the bracelet card.

And here’s a closer look at the Artist’s Card from Little Things Happen:

Artist's Card Little Things Happen Artist's Card Little Things Happen

The text reads:

“Little Things Happen is a small jewelry and accessory business based out of Torrance, CA.  Each lovely item is designed and hand-crafted with love by the do-it-all owner, Loren Harada!

Beautiful button earrings, lovely gemstone necklaces, wire wrapped bracelets, handmade hair clips and more are all craftily wrapped and packaged throughout the world year round!  With a huge range of materials and styles, there’s something special for everyone! “

Popular blogger Ilene from Much Love, Illy also receive one of Little Things Happen’s bracelets and took some lovely photos:




Want to snag one of these lovely handmade silver tube bracelets for yourself?  Head on over to Little Things Happen’s shop on Etsy!